October 6, 2017

Thrifting List for Fall

I love a good To Do list, and after reading the September Issues, I made a To Thrift list. Fall is my season. I love the weather, the colors and the clothes. Unrelated, but I also love Halloween. You, too? Good! Come shop with me on October 19!

Goodwill is hosting a meet-up called Style with a Purpose. Get personalized advice from a dozen local bloggers and shop merchandise especially selected by the experts (that's me!) to reflect our unique styles (and possible Halloween costumes). We'll share our shopping strategies and help you put outfits together.

There are a few fall trends I think will be easy to thrift:

Oversized blazers
Calf-length floral skirts
Ironic tees.

Here's the thing, some of these trends won't be around next season, and I don't know about you, but if I'm only going to wear something for 3 months, I'm not spending $120 on it. But a $6 oversized blazer from Goodwill? Yes, please. I'll take four.

Thrifting List for Fall:

1) mixed patterns
2) animal print (faux fur)
3) floral / silk bomber
4) oversized blazer
5) hard plastic accessories
7) embellished box jacket
8) stacked loafers
9) robes over jeans
10) ironic tees

@r29Fahion, @mrspress, @nytimesfashion

First up, mixed patterns. I'm so into this trend, even though I have yet to successfully pull it off. I'm currently on the hunt for patterned pants. There are a bunch that fit the bill, but don't fit my body. The search continues!

@nytimesfashion, @leandramcohen, @thecut, Michael Kors, Balenciaga, Marni

#DUH. I have in my possession an animal print blazer and a velour animal print robe that looks just like the Michael Kors coat in the bottom left-hand picture. I bought them both from Goodwill and will wear them with the indefatigable swagger of an Instagram influencer.

@nytimesfashion, Gucci

Silk bomber jackets are all the rage and I'm here for it. I've seen this trend go in a couple of different directions. First, the sexy secretary vibe up top, but also the cool L.A. girl style of Tuesday Bassen. Totally different directions, same trend. I have 2 of the floral jackets, both from Goodwill. The one I'm wearing in this picture up top was just 99 cents!

@whowhatwear, @whowhatwear, @nytimesfashion, @nytimesfashion, @manrepeller

Oversized blazers! I'm so excited about this trend because I own approximately 20 thrifted blazers. Here's what I've learned. These are a dime a dozen at the thrift stores, so start there and expect to pay $3 - $8. If you want the long, oversized blazer, it needs to already be long. I keep trying to make XXL blazers work and I end up looking like shrunken-head-Beetlejuice. I've been buying blazers about 1-2 sizes too big, and that works. Also, try mens blazers. They'll probably already be long, plus they won't have shoulder pads.

Chloe, Bally

I'm back on earrings. For the past few years, I've been keeping my earring game low-key, instead focusing on bracelets and necklaces. But I'm obsessed with earrings again. These glossy black and red accessories are everywhere. I found my mouth earrings at Pre to Post Modern. The pom pom earrings are from Zara, and the black and white ones are vintage.

@nytimesfashion, @whowhatwear, @whowhatwear, Stella Luna, @nytimesfashion

I'm into all these weird shoes! I just recently started buying thrift store shoes. First of all, almost all of them have never been worn, and the ones that have I just wipe out with a Lysol wipe. It's fine! I've got silver boots, metallic mules and stacked loafers. I'm still on the lookout for a heeled v-shoe.

Dolce & Gabbana, @whowhatwear, @nytimesfashion

I love boxy embellished jackets. Such a statement piece! And such a thrill to find while thrifting. Some of my thrifted blazers are box-shaped, but they're not embellished. I don't come across these very often, and when I do, I talk myself out of it. "Are you really going to wear a jacket with epaulettes AND fringe?" This year, the answer will be yes.

Fratelli Rossetti

Okay, this is a stretch. I bought these American Eagle stacked loafers at Goodwill for maybe $2. Despite being from 1995, they have never been worn. How do I know they're from 1995? Because I worked at 3 different American Eagle stores from 1994-1999. Shout-out to Hickory Hollow Mall, Cool Springs Galleria, and Stones River Mall! Also, shout-out to malls. RIP.

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I hope to live long enough to be known for something other than wearing robes over jeans, but can any of us really control our legacy? Not if Alexander Hamilton is to be believed. Now that I own every available thrift store robe in the tri-state area, I'm looking to transition to dresses over jeans. I've been slowly experimenting with it, but haven't gotten the look quite right yet. The good news is, the weirder the dress, the better the outfit. So at least I'm shopping in the right place.

@nicolettemason, @shopbando, @whowhatwear, @manrepeller, @r29fashion

I love an ironic tee so hard. Finding a tee with the right logo in the right place in the right size is a really triumphant feeling. There are approximately 3 million t-shirts in any Goodwill store, so a bit of 'strategery' (is that joke still funny? were any of you even alive when George W. Bush was President?) is required. I prefer to look in the Men's section. I start with white tees in size L. I don't look in every color and I cap my search at 10 minutes.

Get a head start on your To Thrift list by shopping my curated rack at Goodwill on October 19! If you know you're coming, RSVP. Having a headcount helps know how many drinks and snacks to buy. I did mention there will be drinks and snacks, right? See you on October 19!

All photos sources are @ Instagram

P.S. Shopping tips for creating a street style look on a budget!

P.P.S. For more fall inspiration, read my September Issues report.

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