July 19, 2017

How to Create a Street Style Look on a Budget

I come from a long line of women with the gift of thrift. As a child, every time I opened a gift from one of my grandmothers, I would ask my mom if it was from the “big G”, meaning Goodwill. I thrift for important reasons like sustainable fashion, and I thrift for fun reasons, like knowing no one else at the art crawl will be wearing what I’m wearing. But mostly I like the challenge of recreating Instagram-worthy street style outfits for eight dollars.

Do you try thrift shopping, but can't seem to find anything worth buying? Do you score awesome finds, then get home and have no idea how to wear them? Do you get overwhelmed, hangry and end up abandoning a cart full of clothes you're too tired to try on? Is that four year old Banana Republic shirt really worth six dollars? Seriously, is there a vending machine in this building? Can a sister get a Snickers?

Good news! I can help. On October 19 Goodwill is hosting a meet-up called Style with a Purpose. Get personalized advice from a dozen local bloggers and shop merchandise especially selected by the experts (that's me!) to reflect our unique styles. We'll share our shopping strategies and help you put outfits together.

You guys, this is the most excited I've been in a long time. I get to pull items from Goodwill and put them on my very own clothing rack! And that's not even the best part. I get a mannequin!!! I mean, if for nothing else, come to see what I put on that mannequin.

My style is Sally Jessy Raphael goes to Brooklyn. I’m a buttoned-up Gen X-er with a passion for Bushwick street style. I am nothing if not a woman of contradictions. I'm in my forties, but don't have the disposable income to prove it. I want to be accepted, but I don't want to look like anyone else in the room.

You, too? Great! Here are some tips for creating a street style look on a budget.

How To Shop:

Pay attention to sale days. I like to shop Goodwill on the first Saturday of the month when everything is 50% off. Pro tip: follow Goodwill on Instagram for sale reminders.

Don't ignore the Men's section. Some of my favorite finds are from the Men's section: denim jackets, ironic tees, overalls, sweatshirts, etc.

Shop in the outfit you're looking to complete. If I want to buy a kimono or robe to wear as a jacket, I'll shop in the jeans and t-shirt I'm planning to wear with the kimono/robe.

How To Wear Robes:

With confidence. Also, if I'm wearing a thrifted family vacation tee under a Sears Roebuck 3XL housecoat, I'll wear designer jeans, nice shoes and a normal (ish) handbag. But this may be more of a testament to my age than my style.

Who To Follow for Street Style Inspiration:

Man Repeller
Who What Wear
New York Times Fashion
Clare Press
New York From Behind

Where To Wear:

At this point, I'm getting dressed to walk to the mailbox, but hey, I work from home. I save my craziest best street style outfits for art crawls, burlesque shows, Frist Fridays, drag shows, and going to Publix. If you're lucky, you can find me accidentally hiking in a caftan and Birkenstocks when someone forgets to tell me what to dress for on a Sunday drive.

There's no non-creepy way to say this, but if you follow me online and have never met me, come to this event! I promise, it won't be weird. Unless the fact that I've already named my mannequin Stevie Nicks is weird.

If you know you're coming, duh, go ahead and RSVP. Having a headcount helps know how many drinks and snacks to buy. I did mention there will be drinks and snacks, right? Put it on your calendar now! I'll be too busy dressing Stevie Nicks to remind you on the day of.

See you on October 19!

P.S. Now is the perfect time to get your denim jacket ready for fall!

P.P.S. A report on NYC street style trends by moi.


Unknown said...

I'm totally coming to this. If for nothing else, just to see you in your element with Stevie and hug your neck.

The Blonde Mule said...

Girl, yessssss!


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