March 18, 2016

NYC Shopping and Spring Trends

I looooove street style. I get so inspired by the sheroes in New York City who put together a batshit outfit that you can tell they are not only proud of, but empowered by. As I go careening out of my thirties, I am learning that I get a lot of joy out of what I wear, especially if it's a crazy culmination of high and low-end fashion.

I decided a couple years ago to quit buying clothes from H&M, Forever 21, Target and Old Navy (still working on Old Navy). I bought pieces from Amanda Valentine, Elizabeth Suzann, and Jamie + The Jones and have been filling in the gaps with thrifted and vintage finds. So I was thrilled to see this replicated in New York. I saw old, thrifted, nineties jeans paired with high-end dresses and jackets, and super cool ankle boots.

As Seen On The Street:
parkas with hoods
no wool coats
no scarves
low-top white Chucks
skinny black jeans
jeans with frayed hems
John Lennon glasses
flat, ankle boots - brown, tan and silver
tennis shoes - Nike, Adidas
purple lipstick, but spring-like, not dark
light, nineties denim
layers over jeans
masculine perfume

In the last year-ish, I've gotten into this weird androgynous, hospital gown zone. It all started when I bought a smock at Mohawk General Store in LA last year. It's my most prized possession and even though I hulked out of it months ago, I keep wearing it because I cherish it. Well, turns out, I'm on trend.

Unbeknownst to us, Jaime and I arrived in New York on the same day Uniqlo unveiled their collaboration with Christopher Lemaire for spring 2016. Guess what Lemaire specializes in? Smock dresses. And guess what smock dresses are? Hospital gowns!

Uniqlo x Lemaire is a 33-piece capsule wardrobe of which I bought four pieces (and a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans), including a pair of culottes, because apparently culottes are a thing. Jaime and I bought and saw so many pairs of culottes that we named our trip, "No Culotte Left Behind." I have no idea how I'm going to wear these goddamn culottes, but I bought them because I am not one to shy away from a trend that suits neither my body nor my style.

Spring '16 Trends:
Bermuda shorts
tennis shoes
long, androgynous dresses/shirts/vests
mid to long shapeless dresses
knee-length caftans
jeans with frayed hems
shiny, silver ankle boots and loafers
boyfriend jeans with holes
round sunglasses - John Lennon style
hair braids
musky, masculine perfume

Because this is now a blog post of lists, I'll close with a list of things I'd like to buy. I'm kind of excited. I don't think I've ever cared about spring fashion, but I'm real into it this year. Follow my progress on my Spring '16 Pinterest board.

Women Be Shopping:
tennis shoes
Emerson Fry caftan
lilac lipstick
silver shoes

Happy shopping!

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