April 1, 2008

Wedding Planning Melt Down, take 1

I had my first wedding planning melt down yesterday. It wasn't pretty. Thank god for Carolyn. She talked me down from the ledge. Then John took me to Nola's for that incredible steak sandwich with the fried egg. I love that sandwich, although this pattern of stress eating and not working out is not going to end well I'm afraid.... I really need to get back into the gym.

We're having trouble deciding on a place to get married. We've got plenty of ideas/options for the reception, we just can't find anywhere for the ceremony. Most of the places I called are already booked for October, which makes me think if I don't get on the ball, I'm going to lose out on November, too and where does that leave us.... A Christmas wedding?

If I can get this part squared away, I think I'll simmer down. I just want the locations confirmed and the date set. Is that so much to ask?

If anyone has location suggestions, please let me know.

Wish me luck....

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