September 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up: 56 Miles Edition

On Saturday, I got up at 4am to meet Cathy & Kristie, my Augusta friends, for our last long training ride. Kristie lives in Leiper's Fork, so we met at her house & rode from there. The plan was to ride at least 56 miles, 60 if we felt like it.

We decided to stop at mile 28 & either turn around & head back, or ride 2 more miles & make it an even 60. We hit 28 at exactly 2 hours. We went ahead & turned around. I only had enough nutrition for 4 hours, plus I was under-dressed & FREEZING.

So we rode 56 1/2 miles, which I'm super proud of. We were supposed to run a 3-mile brick after, but I only had time for 2 because I had 90 minutes to get from Leiper's Fork to my acupuncture appointment in East Nashville, hopefully with a shower in between.

I left acupuncture & went to a flat tire changing party. I learned how to change a flat a year or two ago, but I've never had to do it & there's no way I'd remember all the steps, especially in the middle of a race. With my friend Marne's help, I learned how to change a flat AND she made sure I won the prize that included everything my flat kit was missing, which was basically everything.

You know what feels great the morning after a 56 mile ride & 2 mile run? A 10 mile run. I'm so sorry, legs. Jaime met me at Belle Meade Blvd & ran the first loop with me, which helped. I actually got a second wind during the second loop & picked up my pace & ran an extra half mile. Who knows?!

After the run, I drove to the lake & swam for an hour with Cathy, Kristie & my NAC Masters friend Tammy. Cathy helped make sure the wetsuit was pulled over my shoulder properly & I swam pain-free. THANK GOD. I had acupuncture after my swim, which really helped my poor dead legs.

Back at home, John made crab cakes for dinner & we laid on the couch watching more Twin Peaks. I'm pretty sure I was asleep by 8pm.

September 14, 2014

70.3 Training: Week 18

This was my last hard training week. Starting now, I taper, then rest, then race. And try not to lose my mind. Here's what my training looked like this week:


60 minute NAC Masters swim
60 minute OWS


1:00 hour bike ride (12.42 miles)
Avg mph:  12.4

4:15 hour bike ride (56.54 miles)
Avg mph:  13.3
2.01 mile brick (24:54 minutes)

Bike total:  68.96 miles


3.56 mile run (45:08 minutes)
3 mile run (37:08 minutes)
10.50 mile run (2:08 hours)

Run total (including bricks):  17.06 miles

Total training:  12.66 hours (including yoga)

This week, I found acupuncture. I swam with my wetsuit on wrong last weekend & hurt my shoulder. It got progressively worse throughout the week, so on Thursday, I called & made an appointment at East Nashville Community Acupuncture. My shoulder pain went away after my initial appointment on Friday, but I had made appointments for Saturday, Sunday & Monday, so I kept going. I figured with the insanity I put my body through this weekend, it couldn't hurt. I just asked them to shift the focus from my shoulder to my knees. And guess who's knees don't hurt? Acupuncture! Who knew?

Saturday was my longest ride, 56.54 miles. The ride was good & bad. It was good in that my hydration & nutrition worked, & my mood & energy was good throughout the ride. The bad is that it was cold & I was under-dressed. And it rained. And it was REAL windy. How I don't have pneumonia is anyone's guess.

For the last 10 miles of the ride, I was real over it. I wasn't in pain, but my quads were tightening, bordering on cramping. Luckily, I was able to ride through it, but it wasn't enjoyable. I didn't think I'd be able to run after, but I sure as shit could. As soon as I started running, all the pain in my legs went away. What I'm saying is, basically, my body is a wonderland.

Quick highlights:

I swam in my wetsuit today with no shoulder pain.

I learned how to change a flat tire on my bike (front tire only).

I lost another pound & am down 35 pounds!!!

September 12, 2014

September Issues

I've been going through the September issues, flagging what inspires me for fall. I had the best luck with Marie Claire, so let's start there.

I'll start at the top & go clockwise through the collage:

I love a jacket & this Boiled Wool Moto Jacket from Banana Republic speaks to me. It's $150, so we'll see if it goes on sale.

Ski sweaters, let's talk about them. I went through a thrifting phase last year where I started buying over-sized fisherman sweaters. Maybe this year I'll switch to ski sweaters.

Also, that sweater upper left, beside "101 Ideas" - yeah, I totally found that at a Goodwill last year & you bitches on Instagram wouldn't let me buy it. Alexis... God, it was in Fayetteville. It's probably still there.

I'm real confused about my hair. I'm living in hair limbo between too clean & too dirty. This Bed Head article is solely about Bed Head hair products, which also confuses me. Do people still use Bed Head? Apparently they do because my friend just told me she finally found the best product for her curly hair & it's Bed Head On The Rebound Curl Recall Cream. Can Bed Head help me achieve the perfect not-dirty, dirty hair? Will buying Bed Head complete my Veronica Mars transformation?

I'm into the idea of a big, chunky chartreuse knit over short, black leather. Fall's version of neon? Maybe?

I like to re-think my makeup in the fall. I've been sporting a nude eye for a minute now & I think I'm over it. I like this orange-bronze eye with red lips. Maybe this will be the year I finally master black eyeliner. I feel like this Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner may be my gateway eyeliner.

Moving along to Elle. Again, starting at the top & going clockwise:

Burberry, I cannot afford you, but I covet you. These hand-painted & geometric blanket Prorsum bags are the best things I've ever seen. And... they're $3,195. Le sigh.

I flirted with the idea of a combat boot phase last year, but never pulled the trigger. These gray flannel ones intrigue me. Maybe I can find a non-$1,225-Giorgio-Armani pair at Marshall's. My question with combat boots is how to roll the pant to showcase the boot. Hmm...

Drugstore makeup is my kryptonite. I spend more money on $4 & $6 pots of bullshit at Target than if I'd just go to Nordstrom & buy the $25 pot of Bobbi Brown I know works. But where's the fun in that? These Maybelline ads in the fall magazines are tempting me hard.

Last & least, Lucky. This magazine has really gone downhill. I had to go back through it a second time just to find things to flag. Blah. Top, clockwise:

I don't even know what this is an ad for, but it was in all the magazines & I like the aesthetic of it. White shirt, tuxedo jacket, satin tie. HOT.

I like this dress, jacket, scarf combo a lot. It's hard to tell, but she's wearing a white shirtdress with an over-sized blazer. I'm real into this.

I don't exactly have the right skintone for gold eyeshadow, but I keep trying. Of course, the ones I'm drawn to the most in this picture are Physician's Formula, Maybelline & Cover Girl. Of course.

Ah, my aforementioned gateway eyeliner, Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner. I should just go to right now & buy this.

*Vogue wasn't on the newsstands back when I bought all of these. It's out now, but I've already moved on. Snooze, you lose, Vogue.

It's a work in progress, but I've started my Fall 2014 Pinterest board if you want to take a gander.

September 9, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Bike Ride To Smyrna Edition

I didn't take any pictures during my epic bike ride to Smyrna on Saturday, so here's a picture from a ride I did last week. On Saturday, not pictured, I met my friend Cathy in Brentwood to ride with our Jack & Back hosts again. They took us on a 50-mile ride from Brentwood to Nolensville, to Smyrna, back to Brentwood. It wasn't a great ride for me, but I still can't believe I rode my bike to Smyrna.

I met Lana for lunch at Korea House after my ride. I don't know why Korea House is so soothing to me after a long ride, but it really is. Maybe it's because I don't have to drive to get it. Back at home with a belly full of kimchi, I laid on the couch & finished reading Carsick by John Waters. Y'all, that book is nuts, but I loved it.

On Sunday, I met Lana & Jaime for a 6-mile run in the rain, which actually felt nice. They went on to Dose for coffee & breakfast biscuits, while I went home to get my wetsuit & drive to the lake. Sigh.

We swam for an hour, the first half of which was actually pretty painful for me as I apparently had my wetsuit on wrong. I think I didn't have it pulled up over my shoulder enough. I finally got out & adjusted it & it was better, but my shoulder has been sore ever since (I'm icing it).

John was actually in Maryland this weekend. Well, half of the weekend. His dad bought a new car & gave us his old pickup truck. So John flew to Maryland on Saturday afternoon, got the truck & drove through the night home. He was exhausted, I was exhausted. Cracker Barrel to the rescue. We spent the rest of Sunday laying on the couch regretting our food choices & watching Twin Peaks.

September 7, 2014

70.3 Training: Week 17

This week felt like the beginning of the end of high school. I've definitely got senioritis. Also, y'all, my body is so tired. My appetite (for destruction) is out of control. I'm trying real hard not to eat like a maniac, since I'd like to keep this shape after my race. My weekend eating is getting a little ridiculous, but I'm doing good the other 5-6 days. I'm just trying not to start any bad habits I can't break in 3 weeks.

Here's what my training looked like:


60 minute NAC Masters swim
60 minute OWS


3:20 hour bike ride (27.60 miles)
Avg mph:  8.2

1:54 hour bike ride (22.11 miles)
Avg mph:  11.6
1.22 mile brick (14:04 minutes)

3:43 hour bike ride (50.05 miles)
Avg mph:  13.5
2.35 mile brick (29:40 minutes)

Bike total:  99.76 miles (!!)


5.07 mile run (1:05 hours)
6 mile run (1:16 hours)

Run total (including bricks):  14.64 miles

Total training:  15.5 hours (including yoga)

So on Saturday, I rode my bike to Smyrna. Granted, I started in Brentwood, but still. I rode my bike to Smyrna! That blows my mind. We rode a little over 51 miles. I turned my watch off for a train to pass & forgot to turn it back on, so my data is off.

It wasn't a great ride for me. I couldn't keep up & spent the majority of the 4-hour ride beating myself up. I also ran out of hydration. My bike only has two cages, so I brought cash & told everyone I'd need to stop. But... turns out, Smyrna was the only place to buy water & I didn't need it then. So I ran out. For the last 30-45 minutes of the ride, I was actually hallucinating that I was drinking water. Y'ALL.

It was a hard ride & I was doing my best, but I just couldn't keep up. I've come a long way on the bike, but I'm still slower than everyone I ride with. I felt a little better later on when I saw that at the time we were riding, it was 100% humidity. Surely that played a part in slowing me down. Surely. Also, hallucinations.

I've luckily met & be-friended two women also doing Augusta. We got together this morning to open water swim. I had an off-day today, too. This weekend was clearly a test. I think I just didn't pull my wetsuit over my shoulders tightly enough. Mid-swim, my right shoulder hurt so bad, I had to stop swimming. I got out & adjusted my wetsuit & was able to swim mostly pain-free, but it's real sore now. Great.

Are we there yet?

September 2, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up: Labor Day Edition

On Saturday, I joined my friend Cathy in Brentwood for a bike ride & brick. Cathy is doing Augusta, too. She has friends training for Jack and Back, so they let us tag along on their training ride. They took us on a 40 mile ride that went through Arrington Vineyards & College Grove. It was so nice to be off of the Trace! After the ride, we ran a 3 mile brick, which surprisingly felt good! Great training day!

I kind of blew it out, food-wise, on Saturday. After my ride, I met Lana for lunch at Korea House, which is apparently my recovery meal now. I didn't eat as much as I usually do, so a few hours later, I went to Sonic. And then a few hours after that, I went with John to Hattie B's. Korean food, fried food, dairy & hot chicken was probably not smart the night before a 10 mile run...

Little known fact: you can't wear headphones during triathlons. That half marathon I have to run after my 56 mile bike ride? I'll be running that alone with no music. So that'll be fun. Lana pointed out that maybe I should practice since I'm not used to running by myself. No one in my lady gang is training for anything right now, so I took Lana's advice & ran my 10 mile run on Sunday alone, with no music.

It actually wasn't that bad! I think all these weeks of riding for hours on end without talking has prepared me to run without talking. Who knew?

My legs were SORE, so John & I went to McKay to keep me upright & moving. I found a section in McKay that I've shockingly never found before - Speculation. Speculation! Lot of books on the Bermuda Triangle & a lot of books on unicorns. So, that.

We left McKay & decided to go see Ghostbusters, which was in theaters this weekend for it's 30th anniversary. It was hilarious to see a a movie from 1984 in a 2014 movie theater. It was also hilarious just to hear John laugh for 107 minutes, which he did, loudly.

Labor Day doesn't really apply to me anymore, but it hurts my extrovert feelings to know people are doing something without me. So I pretended that I also "had the day off" & joined Lana & Katie for a Labor Day Ladies Leisure Ride. We didn't have a plan, we just decided to meet at Katie's & see where the ride takes us. Well, the ride took us from Donelson to East Nashville to Metro Center. We stopped in Germantown & had lunch at Red Bicycle, then we rode back to Donelson. Hilariously, our "leisure ride" ended up being a 28-mile, 3 hour & 20 minute ride. Ha!

Thank you for the kind words regarding my last post.  That was difficult to write & I'm glad it was received with compassion & understanding.

August 31, 2014

70.3 Training: Week 16

Here's what my training looked like this week:


60 minute NAC Masters swim


1:09 hour bike ride (13.67 miles)
Avg mph:  11.9

1:30 hour bike ride (18.51 miles)
Avg mph:  12.3

2:50 hour bike ride (41 miles)
Avg mph:  14.3
3 mile brick (35:50 minutes)

Bike total:  73.18 miles


5.30 mile run (1:06 hours)
3.48 mile run (40:47 minutes)
10.01 mile run (2:05 hours)

Run total (including bricks):  21.79 miles

Total training:  12.45 hours (including yoga)

Emotionally, this was a hard week. There was an incident in Shelby Bottoms last Sunday that happened as I was finishing my run. I didn't see it happen, but I was standing at my car immediately after & was one of the people who rushed to help. Of the three of us, one ran over & tried to administer CPR, while me & my other friend stopped & didn't go any further when we realized what we were seeing.

I'm not equipped to see death like this. I had a hard time processing the suddenness & permanence of what I saw. It contradicted the hospital, surrounded by loved ones setting that I had in my head. I couldn't stop crying, I wasn't sleeping & I was having a lot of flashbacks of what I saw. Fortunately, I had a therapy appointment already scheduled for Wednesday.

I learned on Wednesday that because the only other traumatic event I've experienced is 9/11, my brain had connected the two events & I had slipped back into a post-9/11 mindset. We talked through things I would do & say to myself to disconnect the two events & it really did help, almost immediately.

Oddly, Thursday, the day after my appointment, was my worst day. I think because I was processing everything that got brought up on Wednesday, but also because I went back to Shelby. That's where I do my bike rides during the week because I feel safe riding alone there. I drove past where it happened, got real upset, & just sat in my car & cried. I looked around the parking lot & saw moms with kids, people with dogs & old men with bikes & felt a little better.

I basically spent the rest of Thursday crying at people. I went to lunch after my ride & cried at my friend. I went home & cried at John. I called my sister & cried at her. I went to yoga & cried at everyone at yoga. But that night I slept & I woke up on Friday feeling okay & have felt okay ever since.

Thank you for letting me share this. I debated whether or not to write about it, but it became such a big part of my week that it seemed disingenuous not to. To everyone I cried at this week, thank you. It's hard to just sit & be present for someone's pain. Those of you who were able to do that for me, thank you.


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