May 19, 2008

Weekend in Atlanta

John & I went to Atlanta this weekend & registered @ Crate & Barrel. I became overwhelmed in the beginning, but I was fine once I got going. I think we picked out cool stuff. I'm still confused over the quantity you're supposed to register for. If you register for 12 place settings of dinnerware, do you also register for 12 wine glasses, tumblers, etc? Twelve mugs seems excessive, but what do I know. It's so confusing. Anyone interested can logon to & see our registry.

We also went to Ikea & looked around & priced possible furniture & storage items for our yet to be found future place of cohabitation. We seemed to agree on everything, so that's good.

Allright, the Atlanta H&M:

It exists.

Not enough fitting rooms.
Not enough cashiers.
Not enough accessories.

I was in there approximately an hour & 1/2, of which 15-20 minutes were spent picking out clothes; 45 minutes spent waiting in line for a fitting room; 20 minutes in line to check out. It was ridiculous. When I go back, I'll definitely try to avoid peak shopping times. But I am pretty pleased with my purchases (see above). All in all, it was worth it.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Unfortunately, it is also the last day of Session. Translation: I'll spend the entirety of my bday at work. Oh well, that just means I get to extend my birthday until I have time to properly celebrate it. I feel a week long birthday coming on....

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