June 19, 2008

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: It's the New Black.

I have an ever-growing list of blogs I like to read every day. On that list is The Coveted. The girl on the blog is about my age, used to live in NYC, but now lives in Germany & has just started an online vintage clothing shop on Etsy. Every day she takes a picture of herself in a swanky, vintage outfit & posts it on her blog. I like it. Anyway, the other day she put up a post about all the scary chemicals found in common household items. I read it thinking most of the stuff I buy/use wouldn't contain any of these chemicals because I buy/use a lot of Kiehl's, Aveda, Bumble & Bumble, Dove, Oil of Olay, Aveeno, etc.... Well, I was wrong. Every single item I use contains at least one of these chemicals, sometimes 2-3 of them. I'm a little freaked out. If you would also like to be freaked out & contemplate throwing out everything in your bathroom, go here:


1 comment:

chester copperpot said...

thanks! i wasn't feeling the dots anymore. i wanted it to be a light yellow...but then i realized it would be a little too similar to someone else that i read. :)


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