November 20, 2008

It Ain't No Big Thing

Last night I went with my friend Lauren, her husband Kelly & her brother Matthew to see Kings of Leon at Municipal Auditorium. We missed the 2 opening bands -The Whigs & We Are Scientists, but sat down right as Kings of Leon took the stage. I'm new to this whole Kings of Leon thing. I probably still wouldn't listen to them if I hadn't seen them perform on SNL a few months back. I had heard, and liked, what few songs of theirs I had heard over the years, but never felt compelled to buy a CD or a go to a show. I'm not going to lie, my new found interest in them is based solely on their looks. So what? They are undisputedly hot. And the music's not that bad. John hates them. He says they were plucked off the street & taught to play their instruments. Maybe, but again, I don't care. I really enjoyed the show last night even though I didn't know the majority of the songs. They sounded good &, I assume, looked good (I forgot my glasses, so I couldn't see anything).

Here's what was not good about last night: pleather leggings. No, not by the band, but by every girl under 21 at the show last night. Ladies, unless you're Lita Ford, pleather leggings should have no place in your wardrobe, I don't care what NYLON says.

Another low point in the show: the couple in front of me who's "sex was on fire". Seriously, they made out during the entire concert. Sporadically the guy would come up for air long enough to sing along & pump his fist in the air while pointing his finger at the band in a 90 degree angle. I noticed a lot of guys in the crowd doing this. I call it the fraternity guy/Jason Mraz/Ice Cube move. It's gay & uber annoying.

In closing, I leave you with this:


Jeffrey Horne said...

I know you've seen the new additions at American Apparel...and apparently the under 21 girl fans of Kings of Leon have as well!

...and John is totally right!


Aaron said...

Seriously, the pleather leggings are everywhere. One notable local bass player dude, who will remain nameless, wears them on stage, along with oddly large t-shirts, and a sort of mullet-type haircut. All this makes him look a little bit like a slightly overweight middle-aged woman.

Now, for this KOL thing. I still DON'T get it. I'm no connoisseur of hot guys or anything, but beyond their haircuts, they sorta seem kinda vanilla to me. And I don't care how much Ashley likes it, that 'sex on fire' song is complete balls. It sounds like Marc Cohn fronting a shitty rock band.

And I third John's assessment of them too. Plucked & taught indeed.

chester copperpot said...

i also went to this show, and i felt like the oldest person there. i think i may be guilty of aforementioned jason mraz/gay fist thrust. enjoyed the show, nonetheless. bummed i didn't have the chance to holler "hey, blonde mule!" at you.

the orange bicycle said...

1. i had no idea Lita oozed so much sex. i mimicked her moves to that video when i was little...oops.
2. do you think she practices those floor moves in the mirror?
3. what's with all the ice sculptures?
4. KOL can suck my non-balls. admittedly though, i have never given them a chance.
5. the mule is now a Baldwin. is Ted still an Andrews?


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