August 23, 2012

Sugar Devil

There is a devil living inside me, and no, it's not this devil, though I'd love to dedicate an entire Twitter account to my deviant eating habits.  No, my demon is sugar.  All summer, as I've been training for the triathlon, I've joked about this sugar devil living inside me that makes me eat Sonic Blasts every day.  At a run awhile back, I was complaining about how much weight I was gaining & how much sugar I was craving & someone deftly pointed out that I was probably protein deficient.  Ah ha!  So I replaced the M&M's with Ezekiel bread & natural peanut butter & it worked!

As you know, my triathlon was over the weekend, so I'm through training.  But my body hasn't realized it yet, or more specifically, my appetite hasn't noticed it yet.  I've had a mind-numbing headache every day this week.  Until today.  And you know what I ate today?  A donut for breakfast & a cupcake for lunch.

Sugar Devil, 1.  Kim, 0.


Renee said...

I've always called it 'my sweet tooth'. I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some sweets, I kinda seem to have a tidbit almost everyday and love it after dinner (a cookie, an scoop, a slice, a cup). Guessing maybe next time I should reach for a protein sweet huh? pb, nuts, sweetened cheese? Very interested, thanks.

The Blonde Mule said...

Renee -- yes! Apparently certain yogurts are high in protein, too. I need to check into that.


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