October 18, 2014

These My Nails

I love painting my nails. Always have. I have a pretty extensive array of polishes and decorative (read: glitter) top coats, which I like to spread out on the floor while waiting on inspiration to strike. Once I've decided on a color, with surgeon-like precision, I arrange my tools on the coffee table, find an eighties movie on Netflix and commence to paintin'.

My manicures always last a week, usually longer if I let them. With short nails and light polish, I can usually make it 10-12 days. That's pretty good for an at-home manicure. And I'm using regular polish, not gel.

The secret to my nail success is two-fold:  Orly Bonder and Sally Hansen Ultra Wear Top Coat. That's right, Sally Hansen. My love for things you can buy at Walgreens is unparalleled. 

I've probably used every basecoast you can buy, including the fancy $20 ones at Sephora. None of them work as well as this Orly basecoat. It'll change your nail polish life. Same with the Sally Hansen top coat. It's on the high-price-end of Sally Hansen products, but it's worth it.

The most recent addition to my nail arsenal is this Sally Hansen (duh) I Heart Nail Art Pen. I've definitely gotten $5 worth of fun out of it, although John did have to draw the stripe on my right hand the first time I used it. I've gotten better at it, but it takes some practice to get used to drawing with your non-dominant hand.

See! Check me out, drawing triangles with my left hand! This is my attempt to DIY Door Sixteen's much-coveted calgel manicure. Close! Ish...

I am nothing, if not a copycat. I get most of my nail inspiration from bloggers and Birchbox. Feel free to follow my copycat ways on Pinterest. You can find my Beauty & Makeup Board here. Happy painting!

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