February 5, 2008

Stop! It's taco time!

I hope you all got my MC Hammer reference... Atlanta was a lot of fun. I think the best part was lunch on Saturday. Carolyn took us to this taco place called Taqueria del Sol. So good. I ate like a bear. I ordered three tacos & then Carolyn & I split a fourth. I ordered: Memphis, Fried Chicken, Veggie & then we shared the taco of the day, a fried shrimp with habanero mayo. I think the fried chicken was my favorite (big surprise). The fried shrimp was good, but too much mayo. The veggie was surprisingly good. I think the Memphis was my least fav, but still good. I'll definitely go back next time I'm in Atlanta.


Everytime I go to Atlanta I get a flat tire. This time was no different. Driving to work this morning, I heard something, sounded like a branch caught under my car. No, it was a flat tire. So I took my car to Firestone & they just called & said the tire can't be fixed (of course) & that it's completely bald & needs to be replaced. How is it that every time I get a flat I somehow end up buying new tires???

Today is Super Tuesday. Luckily I early-voted last week since I'm without car today. I'm very interested to see what happens & who ends up winning Tennessee. Hopefully the results will come in before I go to bed.

In closing, is anyone else concerned that it's 70 degrees outside today......

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carolyn said...

That's crazy -- I think our tires know that it's tax time and they want our refund. I had a flat last week and ended up having to buy 2 tires. What sucked for me is that I had just bought two in November, and the two that I replaced last week were purchased in March...seems I have an alignment prob that needs to be fixed ASAP.


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