March 17, 2008

Weekend Recap

I eventually simmered down on Fri night. The beer & the beef jerky helped. John took me to dinner, then we came home & watched Michael Clayton, which was really good. I'm slowly working my way through all the Oscar-contenders that I didn't see in the theater.

On Sat, I got up early & studied for my exam. I told myself if I read until 10am, I could leave the house for awhile. Well, at 10:15 my psychic friend Carolyn called asking me to meet her at the new West Nashville shopping center. I wanted to hit Old Navy to try on jeans & find something green & then we both needed stuff @ Target. I found & bought a pair of jeans -in a size I haven't been in almost 3 years!!! Hooray Weight Watchers! I also bought a cute green top for Lauren & Kelly's St. Pat's Day party later that night.

After Target, I came back home & studied some more, then I went to lunch with John & went with him to get his hair cut. His barber was closed so he went to this new barber in the shops @ Edgehill Villa. While he was getting his hair cut, I went into Queen Bee. They had a lot of cute stuff -a lot of stuff I've seen at Urban, Anthropologie & Shop SCAD in Atl.

Sat night we headed out to M'boro for Lauren & Kelly's annual St. Patrick's Day party. It was a lot of fun. Lauren is the hostess with the mostest, for sure. She pulled out all the stops on the green decor & the food (as always) was delicious. I love going to her parties!

Allright, time to get ready for work. Enjoy your Monday.

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chester copperpot said...

i thought michael clayton was superb. wasn't he a badass? but in a totally different way from jason bourne?


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