June 17, 2008

Manic Monday

Yesterday was not a good day. We had our home inspection & it went okay. There is one big issue & then a bunch of little things that aren't a big deal, but are overwhelming all together. We think the one big thing can be fixed & John is working on that today. The other issues are plumbing & electrical-related, so we have to get someone out there to give us an estimate before we go any further. Same with the roof -need estimate. It's just disheartening to find out there are all these issues (some of them major) with the house you've been mentally living in for 2 weeks now. Today will determine whether or not we're going to move forward. The majority of me still wants the house, but a small part of me is heartbroken & just wants to start all over again with a different house (another house that will also have it's own set of unique issues/problems). I'll keep you posted.

The other bad part of yesterday was statistics-related. Big surprise. On Thurs night our teacher gave us a take-home exam that was due yesterday & then 2 chapters worth of homework that is due in class tonight. I finished the test, but put off doing the homework all weekend because I was so drained from taking the test. Well, yesterday I couldn't put it off any longer & I had a full-on meltdown. I couldn't concentrate, I kept thinking about the house & I couldn't figure any of the problems out. I started crying & almost dropped the class. John came over & took me to dinner. I felt a little bit better & actually managed to finish one chapter by the time I went to bed. I still have one chapter due & it's the chapter I can't figure out. I'm going to try & work on it today at work, but I'm pretty much over it. This class is one big, emotional life-suck.

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