August 22, 2008

Demolition Derby

Last night John & I trekked out to Ashland City for the Cheatham County Fair. We primarily went to see the infamous Demolition Derby. It was totally worth it. And it was cheap. It was $3 to park, $8 admission & then all the rides were free. And the food was cheap. No $8 corn dogs like at the stupid State Fair. Cheatham County: you've won me over. I WILL be back next year.

After the Derby, everyone rode the Bumper Cars. Then John, Jon & Austin rode this ridiculous ride called 1001 Naughts. There was this little boy on the ride who couldn't decide if he wanted to get off or not. Everytime it went up high, he'd start crying & ask to be let off, then he'd change his mind & ask the operator to take it back up high again. This cycle went on about 3 times. Poor John, Jon & Austin -they ended up being on that ride way longer than they should have been because of that little boy. They all looked sick by the time they got off. Ahhh, Cheatham County.....

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