August 28, 2008

Ratbones & Black Kids

I'm a fan of Project Runway. I've loyally watched every season. I love it. This year, one contestant in particular continues to puzzle me. Stella. I spent the entirety of the first few episodes trying to figure out how she made it on the show. She's 42 years old, she's from Astoria, NY & all she appears to know how to make is leather biker clothes. I've started to like her though. Her crass Queens attitude is pretty funny to watch. So last night they filmed Stella calling her boyfriend. They show a picture of him, typical tattooed biker guy, but get this, his name is Ratbones. That's right, Ratbones. I laughed out loud. Ratbones, hahahaha. It's still funny.

Speaking of Project Runway, has anyone else noticed an eerie similarity between Kayne from Season 3 & Suede from Season 5? Seriously, I think they're the same person. And what's with all the men in Suede's family being dead? Everytime he makes reference to a male member of his family, he looks up at the ceiling & says, "Miss you, (fill in the blank male family member)." It's bizarre. They're probably not even dead. They probably just quit talking to him because of his stupid blue mohawk.

Let's talk about Black Kids. I read about them in stupid NYLON recently & was vaguely interested, only because their album was produced by Bernard Butler, of whom John is a big fan. I tend to ignore things NYLON tells me is cool, but Black Kids seeped in. I kept hearing them on KEXP & finally gave in & bought the CD. I love it. Seriously, I haven't stopped listening to it since I bought it. My favorite song is Track # 4, "Hurricane Jane". We were at Grimey's on Sunday & I asked Rollum about it & he said he hasn't listened to it yet, but everyone in the store hates it. Whatever. I love it. Partie Traumatic, bitches!

And yes, he does say the word karate. The lyric is, "I took something & it feels like karate; it's kicked me down & left me for dead." Use of the word karate in a song makes it an instant hit in my book. Brilliant.

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The Joiners said...

I just heard some of their songs a couple days ago, and Hurricane Jane definitely struck me as the best.

Ratbones - I'm going to have to use that one. You're right, just saying it is funny.


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