August 6, 2008

"We're Going To Love This House So Hard"

Well, we're all moved into our new house & it's amazing. I love this house. John's dad bought us a couch & it was delivered yesterday. It's the first piece of "real" furniture I've owned. Everything I've ever had has come from Ikea, Target, or Goodwill. I still plan on doing a lot of Ikea/Target/Goodwill shopping, but it sure is nice to have one thing in the house that came from a legitimate furniture store. Actually our dining room table & chairs are nice, too. They also came from John's dad. He brought them down from Maryland. I think they were John's great-grandfather's. They're from 1920 & they're really nice. Very sturdy. I can't wait to start having people over for dinner!

So the inside is a complete disaster, but we have, by far, the best yard on the block. John & his dad spent all day Sunday working in the yard while I was out shopping it up (tax free) at Wal-Mart & Red Wal-Mart (Jon Burr). Grass was mowed, weeds were "eated", stone walls were rebuilt, flowers were watered, trees were planted, leaves & grass were blown into the street. By the end of the day Baldwin Sr. was shirtless & Baldwin Jr. was easily 10 lbs lighter. I hosed them off & we went to dinner. It was a productive day. I got home from class around 8pm on Monday & John had been home since 6pm watering everything & taking the trash down to the curb. He even installed a peep hole for me in the front door. A girl can get used to this.

We still have A LOT of unpacking & arranging to do & I need to get started on painting, but it's coming together. I think it will feel 100% better once a couple rooms get painted & we buy some more furniture, lamps, etc.

Oh, and Dad, if you're reading this -I'm still backing into the garage. I haven't hit John's car yet, but I did hit the house once. Definite improvement though.

Pictures coming soon. Stay tuned....

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