September 30, 2008

Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good

I have had this horrible old TV forever that used to belong to my parents. I hate it. It's in a console. I've mentioned numerous times to my parents that if & when they buy a new TV, I want the one they're currently using. Well, I finally got the call. They bought themselves a new TV on Sat night & brought me their old TV on Sunday. Goodbye console!

The TV is huge, as is the entertainment center that goes with it. In fact, it turned out to be too big for our living room. John's dad was in town, so he took us to Target & bought us a smaller TV stand.

We also went to Best Buy. While John & his dad were dorking it up in Electronics, I meandered over to the laptop section & noticed the laptop bag my mom gave me with my new laptop is a $60 bag. First of all, I kind of hated the bag anyway. Second of all, it still had the tags on it. So we go home, get the bag & return it to Best Buy for a $60 store credit. I bought a smaller $20 laptop bag, the new Kings of Leon CD, Halloween on DVD & John bought Ghostbusters I & II. (I also bought Sex & The City: The Movie @ Target).

We watched Ghostbusters last night. It's astounding how dated that movie is now. I looked it up on Wikipedia, it came out in 1984. The furniture in Sigourney Weaver's apartment is hilarious. It's almost worth watching the movie just to see her apartment & her outfits. I highly recommend renting it if you haven't seen it in awhile. Do it for Slimer.

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JOHN said...

Hey, there's this movie. It's about three friends that go into business together to battle the supernatural using unlicensed particle accelerators. You have GOT to see the female love interest's apartment!


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