September 26, 2008

For Your Stationary Needs

My wedding invitations went out this week. Depending on where your last name falls in the alphabet, you may have already received yours. My boss told me he got his today & he's a "J".

So my BFF, Carolyn, designed everything: our Save-the-Date, the wedding invitation & the RSVP card. She's awesome. She just started a blog/website to showcase some of the stuff she's done over the years. She does everything, not just wedding stuff. She can do business cards, note cards, mailing labels, etc. Check her out:

You can also see her on Etsy:


Panda Parables said...

got mine today. it looks awesome. also, your c&b present arrived in the mail the other day, so we need to see each other soon & i'll give it to you!

carolyn said...

thanks for the shout out!!


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