September 15, 2008

Mufasa Spotted in West Nashville

Our new house is off Charlotte Pike, West Nashville's version of Gallatin Road. Driving home from work today I saw a guy walking down Charlotte with a life-sized stuffed lion over his shoulders. And I mean stuffed animal, not stuffed as in taxidermy. The lion's head was up on the guy's shoulder & the tale was wrapped all around his body. And he was a tough guy - wife beater, studded belt, cowboy boots, etc. Maybe he pawned it to buy meth & had to go back to get it because his baby momma got mad about little Ray Ray crying for his stuffed lion all day. Regardless, it was one of the weirdest things I've seen since moving over here.

There's this church (Westwood Baptist) by my house that has the best church sign slogans in town. They change it pretty frequently. This week is says:

The bible.
Believe it.
Behave it.

Classic. The best one they've had since I've moved over here said, "Forbidden fruits cause many jams." Ahh, so true....

So I essentially didn't work today because IT needed 6 hours to install "software updates" on my computer. They came in unannounced at 9:30 this morning & said they needed me to leave for 2-3 hours so they could perform said updates. I asked if they could come back at lunch. So they told me to leave around 11:00 & by 2:00 they should be done. I came home, ate lunch, watched a little TV then went back to work. I meandered back into my office around 2:30 & they had just started!!! Since my work day ends at 4:30 & they needed at least 2 hours, I just left. I went over to Carolyn's & worked on my wedding invitations. I welcome any day that I don't have to work, but today was a little ridiculous.

Allright, I'm off to do homework for class tomorrow night.

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chester copperpot said...

lord, y'all are giving me all kinds of the giggles this morning. ha. mufasa. i watched planet earth - grasslands last night. about 30 lions took down a grown elephant. it was not pretty. sorta puts mufasa in a different light for me today. i'm glad the stuffed one was harmless.


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