September 8, 2008

Ready for Fall

I'm so ready for fall & so over summer. I'm tired of tank tops & I'm tired of bronzer. I want to be pale & covered up in jewel-toned longer sleeved tops. I awoke on Saturday with this feeling & it hasn't gone away. On Saturday, all I wanted to do was wear long sleeves & make a crockpot of chili. I remedied this by buying some new fall clothes. I didn't get anything exciting, but I got some good basics. Carolyn & I went to Anthropologie & I wanted everything in there, but alas, I am not a millionaire. I took my non-millionaire ass to Old Navy & Gap Outlet & did pretty nicely. I'm pleased with my purchases. And yes, I am wearing a short-sleeved purple turtleneck today & yes I am aware that it is 90 degrees outside. I'm of the mindset that if you wear it; it will come. It being Fall.


The Joiners said...

I always get frustrated this time of year because I know it's close to fall, and that college football is on the TV, but alas, it is 90 degrees and stubborn outside.

muggins mouse said...

we are both fall lovers!! i too have been summoning the fall weather by wearing scarves and hoodies even in the 90 degree heat, and now look! fall's HERE BABY! i made a crockpot of chili as well!! we DID IT! go team!


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