September 12, 2008

Voter Registration

For anyone who wants to vote in the upcoming Presidential election, here's how to register to vote in Davidson County. You'll need to fill out a form if you've gotten married & changed your name or if you've moved. It's really easy, you just print out the .PDF form on the website, fill it out & then mail it in to the Davidson County Election Commission. You have until Mon., Oct. 6th to get the form in if you want to vote in the Nov. election. Early voting starts Nov. 4th.

For more information, & to get the voter registration form, go here:

I'm a firm believer that you forfeit your right to complain if you don't take the time to vote, so VOTE!

1 comment:

muggins mouse said...

aaah, i have moved!! thanks for the reminder!! gee I would have been a mad puppy if I went to vote and they wouldn't let me!!! theeeeenks!


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