December 9, 2008

Let's Talk About Wallpaper

The only 2 rooms in our house that still need to be painted are the guest room & our bedroom. The guest room has 1 wall that is wallpapered, including a border. We assumed we'd have to strip the wallpaper off before painting. Not a big deal. Now our bedroom, that's a different story. First of all, it's painted this heinous shade of dark green. It's bad, but to make matters worse, we've recently discovered that underneath that horrible green is yet more wallpaper, presumably covering the entire room.

So here's my question, do we strip the wallpaper under the paint or just paint over it all as is? John is pretty anti-paint-over-it-as-is & wants to spend the time stripping the painted over wallpaper. I have zero experience in this arena. Have any of you ever had to strip wallpaper that's been painted over? Suggestions? Comments?


Emotional Mullet said...

Let me tell ya....I have a fixer upper of the First Order.

Take the time to strip the wallpaper. It will be worth it.

Score the paper with one of those score-ers they sell at Home Depot. Buy a ton of fabric softener, a paint roller and a tray and a couple of plastic drop cloths. And a couple of those metal things pros use to apply drywall mud.

Score the fuck out of the paper.

Go crazy till the paper is really fucked up.

Take a break. Have a beer.

Then, in 2x4 sections 'paint' the wall with the fabric softener. Let it sink it until it destroys the paper and glue.

Then scrape that shiz off.

This will take a couple of days for one room and will create one of the biggest messes you will ever see.

But it is worth it.

After all the paper and glue is off, let the walls dry for a couple of days. If there is still stubborn glue on the wall, or if there are giant holes in the wall, use mud to smooth it out.

Let dry.




You will be happier with the result of the hard work than you will be with priming and painting wallpaper and dealing with the peeling and holes that comes later.

Believe me.

I have done this and I have NOT done this. And guess which way I should have gone?

Panda Parables said...

the mullet's comment is way more involved and helpful than i am going to be. i will just say "ew, sounds horrible. good luck with that."

i have just removed wallpaper border (flowers in one place; hot air balloons in another) and it was no fun.

carolyn said...

I've not stripped wallpaper (or much else) in about 8 years, but I do remember that scoring thing helped tons...and there was something else that I rented that you filled with water and it was like a steamer- you were able to pull the paper off in large sections after using that thing!
I hate to take John's side, but I think the way to look at it is this- it's your home that you own now, you don't want to half way do things as if it were a rental! Do the work- it will pay off in the long run!


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