February 28, 2009

1, 2, 3, 4... Pressure!

I haven't blogged much this week. This is kind of silly, but at one point I had 13 "Followers" & now I'm down to 11. When it got up to 13, I thought man, people must either really think I'm funny or they can't wait to read about whatever room in my house I'm currently painting. Now I'm back to thinking no one finds this interesting except my mom & my grandmother, and maybe MK. It's hard to write when you feel like you need to write something spectacular to get your 2 wayward followers back, or to gain new ones. I know this is stupid, but it's the main reason I haven't been writing as much lately.

In other news, I got in a huge email fight with my teacher last week. The short version is she refused to accept my weekly paper. She changed the due date from Tues to Thurs & I forgot to turn it in. I turned it in first thing Fri AM & didn't think anything about it because I knew for a fact that another student in the class had done the same thing the week before & she accepted his paper. Well, she didn't accept mine & an email battle ensued. I won. She took the paper, but not before she proved herself to be a truly horrible person. I've thought about posting the email exchange. You wouldn't believe the way a woman with a Doctorate & a former Dean of the program talks to her students. I've said it before & I'll say it again, I HATE TSU.

Speaking of school, I have a mid-term this week. Because it's an online class, she told us she would post the mid-term, it would be open-book & we'd have a week to work on it. I was expecting a mid-term, a test -something with questions that you would use the book to answer. No. That bitch assigned us a motherf*cker of a paper to write. A paper which I have yet to start & have until Tues to turn in. Here's the assignment:

Imagine that you are starting a public or non-profit organization from the ground up. You will be the chief administrative officer of this organization. Your task is to write a position paper with the following questions in mind:

1. summarize these perspectives in terms of their strengths & weaknesses in structuring organizations.

2. address which school you would endorse if you were developing & managing this organization. Explain your answer.

You can feel sorry for me now.


A Side of Rice said...

I actually posted a blog about the same thing- how I haven't had any desire to blog since this stupid class began. Being forced to write weekly papers is killing my hobby of writing.

carolyn said...

I'm sorry, I do feel sorry for you and your stupid class and even more stupid teacher...but the "followers"? haha... no sympathy there...I have three...you, my own husband, and a friend of a friend...not even my own mom will follow my blog. Annnnd, I've been blogging for two years now...You hit the nail on the head on why I rarely post.

I used to be pretty steady in the beginning..but when I realized I was only blogging for you (my only reader) and that I told you everything via email or phone already, it's hard to wanna post! haha

When school slows down and you aren't in session you'll feel like coming back to it!

carolyn said...

haha, sorry I just used the comment section of your blog as my blogging outlet. :-(


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