February 10, 2009

Shopping Spree In My Mind

Every month Real Simple does this thing where they ask someone what they would do if they suddenly came into $100. The answers are always interesting. I thought I'd do the same thing, but with more than $100 -because really, you can't buy anything with $100 anymore anyway. So let's say you get handed $500 of guilt-free money. What would you do with it? Here's my Tuesday at 4pm answer:

$250 iPod classic 120GB

$90 Wii Fit

$70 Relaxation Massage @ Escape Day Spa & Salon

$35 Two steaks

$20 Bottle of red wine

$20 Manicure @ Signature Nails

$15 Refining Maintenance Facial @ Streets Salon

Realistically, I'd either use it towards bills or buying something for the house, but it sure is nice to dream.....

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