March 12, 2009

Chow Time!

John & I are obsessed with Trader Joe's. We're pretty into the above dinner combination:

Ground Buffalo Steak Burgers
Chipotle Ranch Fries
Organic Wheat Buns
Wasabi Mayonnaise (not pictured, but equally loved).

John could eat a burger & fries for every meal (and sometimes does), so this is a good dinner for him. Plus, he can make it, which is good for me. I got my hair cut a week or so ago & was talking to my stylist, James, about these buffalo steak burgers. James loves them too because they're high in protein. If you're going to eat a burger & fries, this is a fairly healthy way to go about it. And it's cheap! I love Trader Joe's.


Carolyn said...

I actually haven't purchased any of those items from Trader Joe's...and I was starting to think I'd tried it all...note to self!

Aaron said...

Try the Trader Joe's Teriyaki Turkey Jerky. I'm usually cool with Turkey Jerky, but this stuff is HOLY. I ate the whole bag on the way home the first and only time I got it. Also, Ash and I like buying the various TJ's Indian/Asian simmering sauces and cubing chicken in a skillet, and then adding the sauces and simmering. Throw some rice in a pot for 45 mins, and it's like going to Sitar without having to deal with the sometimes suspect service. Dee-lish.


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