July 25, 2010

Nashville's Best

This is why I love McKay's: Nashville's Best, circa 1989. Cost? Fifty cents & worth every penny. Front cover description:

A guide to food, people, services, sights, events, shopping, accommodations and attractions - the best of Nashville for residents and visitors alike.

My favorite 'bests' in no particular order:

Best Maker of Balloon Animals
Jim Johnson

Best Industrial Odor
Colonial Bread Bakery

Best Dog
Eli (deceased)

Best Day

Best House With a Cannon in the Front Yard
2325 Golf Club Lane

Best Kisser

Best Band Name
Government Cheese

Best Use of Sandbags
101st Airborne Restaurant


Mom said...

The Colonial Bread Bakery was my all time favorite field trip in elementary school. Smelling that fresh bread, and then you get a hamburger bun right off the line...Man, nothing better.

The Blonde Mule said...

Ha! I love that they couldn't find a living dog worthy of the 'best' title. Poor Eli, RIP. She must have really been something.


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