December 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: I Might Have A Sugar Problem Edition

Claudia & I getting our post-race drink on.  What, like you don't drink at 8am?

Clue!  Question:  why is "Clue" in quotes...?

New lipstick (recommended by Mary Katherine):  Loreal British Red.  J'adore!

Salted chocolate and caramel cookies!

The Cookie Swap spread.

This is what I ate for lunch yesterday.  Oh, & champagne.  And 20 mini quiche.

Book Swap!

More pics and info on Flickr! and Instagram


I finally watched Crazy, Stupid, Love.  OMG, ya'll.  O-M-G.  Mary Katherine had warned me that I needed to be ready for Ryan Gosling's jelly, so per her instructions, I watched it alone while John worked downstairs.  I was watching it, it was cute, Ryan Gosling's hot, blah blah blah, & then the 'dirty dancing' scene happened & I was like, "Oh!  Oh, I get it.  Holy sh*t!".


At 6:45am on Saturday, I drove to Bells Bend with my friends Claudia & Anthony for the second Yazoo Barely a 4K Beer Run.  It was fun, but it was cold & the entire run was uphill.  My calves are still locked up.  After my 9am Yazoo drunk (not really), I went Christmas shopping with my mom in Green Hills.  That night, John & I drove to Smyrna to hang out with Katie & Rollum.  We ate Jet's Pizza & played Clue.  It was awesome!


Yesterday was Cookie Swap / Book Swap.  After a lot of going back & forth, I finally decided on the salted chocolate & caramel cookies.  They were delicious right out of the oven, but became harder to eat/chew as they cooled & the caramel hardened.  Still really good cookies; I definitely recommend them.  The cookie swap was so much fun.  I ate my weight in cookies & mini quiche, but I had a blast.  Thanks for hosting, Hot Koh Koh!


Juliek said...

That was totally fun! And I loved your cookies. Heating it in the microwave is awesome!

The Blonde Mule said...

It was so much fun! I'm wondering if we should integrate cookies into all future book swaps.... Thanks again for hosting!


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