December 19, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Party Party Party Edition

East Nasty Christmas party.  ENFL!

OPI for Sephora Only Gold For Me top coat over OPI O'Hare & Nails Looks Great!

Baldwin stitches home removal kit.

Post-run bagel love.

Linda, working on her winter tan.

Tis the season....  for coordinating Christmas outfits.

Team Paulson!

Best burger IN THE WORLD.

Chocolate chip-bacon-pecan cookies

More photos & info on Flickr! & Instagram.


I left work early & did some Christmas shopping.  Back at home, I settled in to watch Christmas Vacation & paint my nails.


Jaime & I ran 6 miles in Shelby Bottoms.  This is my longest run in almost a year.  It felt good!  I ran all 6 miles & no knee pain afterwards.  Score!  That night, John & I donned our coordinated Christmas outfits & headed East to Dave & Alexis' annual Christmas party.  We had fun, maybe too much fun...  Someone drank too much Christmas punch & ended up pulling her dress down to show a recent nursing school grad her mole removal wound site & the one remaining internal stitch that's NEVER GOING TO COME OUT.


Sunday got off to a rough start.  I popped in Love Actually & watched that while I alternately chugged water & coffee.  John finally woke up, so we went foraging for food & I stumbled across what may be my new favorite burger.  It's the regular burger at Sportsman's Grille, but with a fried egg added to it.  OMG, y'all.  O-M-G!

Back at home, John & I made a million batches of chocolate chip-bacon-pecan cookies & watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  I wanted him to see the original Swedish version before we go see the American version that comes out this week.


ND said...

Is it all Party Party Party up there?

The Blonde Mule said...

Nichole: ha, yes!


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