January 1, 2012

Christmas Wrap Up: Belated Edition

My parents' Christmas tree.

Awesome blanket my mom made us!

Jessica & Abigail with Linda, who is clearly dog-smiling.

Basically the cutest picture ever.

Good morning, Maryland!

Happy iPad Christmas!

My swanky new Kindle.  Also, Chia Bart.

Crab cakes!

Pittsburgh, PA

United States Steel

More pics and info available on Flickr! and Instagram

We spent Christmas Eve with my family.  This year, all four of my nieces are old enough to get into Christmas.  The twins aren't quite old enough to understand what's going on, but they're really into pulling the tissue paper out of everything & running around with that.  They're also no longer scared of Linda.  In fact, they all kind of went crazy for Linda & followed her around petting & hugging her.  It was probably the best day of Linda's life.

Leaving Linda with her new pint-sized fan club, we made our annual pilgrimage to Maryland to see John's family.  We stayed in John's dad's house along with John's Nana & John's sister, Sally.  We got there in the middle of the night, slept about 5 minutes, then woke up & did Christmas.  We had a really nice Christmas.  We saw a lot of John's family, including Uncle John & Aunt Nancy, who we hadn't seen since our wedding.  We also got to see a lot of John's friends, which we usually don't have time to do.  Granted, John had to go it alone most nights after we had all gone to bed, but still, it means a lot to him to get to see his friends while he's home.

After 3 days in Maryland, we headed back home.  John asked if we could take a "detour" & go "through" Pittsburgh on the way home.  He said it would only add about 45 minutes to the trip.  Ha, 45 minutes!  Yeah, our "detour" "through" Pittsburgh added FOUR HOURS to our trip.  But hey, John got to see a steel factory, so there's that.

All in all, we had an awesome Christmas.  And yes, there may or may not be some deleted scenes that I may or may not get around to posting sometime in the immediate future....  Here's hoping Nana still doesn't know how to use the internet!

Happy New Year!


Mary Katherine said...

I want a blanket! And I love the picture of the girls and Linda. We have a similar one of Millicent's dog, Piper, looking out the window with my cousin's daughter, Hannah. She was wearing a Christmas outfit and Piper was wearing a Santa suit!

Pierro said...

Linda and the tiny girls = so adorable.
Too bad we missed you two this year, but my parents were feeling angsty about too many people and I sure did not want to add to the mayhem.
You had a great holiday and that is wonderful that you drove through Pitts. That is one of those places where you just look out the window with your mouth hanging open saying "wow, people live here!"

Happy New Year

Stephanie said...

Love the photos of kids and dog! Sweet.


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