February 27, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: Last Long Run Edition

Portlandia merch.

Proof of how rich I'd be if I didn't live next door to Target.

I'm never going to finish reading 1Q84.

My favorite:  massaman curry from Thai Phooket.

Last long training run before my half marathon.  11 miles:  done.

Post-run migas from Local Taco.

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John & I grabbed Indian & then headed to Marathon Music Works to see Portlandia.  We weren't sure what to expect.  The show started off well, really funny, but it took a turn about an hour in & never got back on track.  The show lost me when they passed mics thru the audience & let people ask questions.  The questions were horrible & it went on waaaaay too long.  Then they brought this Portland singer-songwriter on stage & basically let her have her own little mini show, except that her mini show was live karaoke.  She sang covers of "Break On Through" by The Doors & "Because The Night" by 10,000 Maniacs.  It was bizarre & it was bad.  People were leaving in droves.  We stuck it out, but it never got better.  It ended soon after that & we left.  We heard them come back out for an encore, but we didn't go back in.  I'm interested in what other people thought.  Am I just old?  Delaney?


I wanted to get all of my errands run on Saturday in the likely event that I wouldn't be able to walk after my long run on Sunday.  I went to Target to grab a few things & left with a whole mess of stuff.  In related news, I now own more running clothes than non-running clothes.  I went to Dick's, Publix, Trader Joe's, Green Hills Mall, Hill Center - you name it, I probably went there.  Oh, & I got a hair cut. Productive day for sure.

That night, we met Keith & Nicole (not Urban) for dinner at Thai Phooket, which according to their menu, is "currently enjoying an international vogue."


Sunday was our last long training run before the half marathon.  Me, Jaime, Cara & Mary Katherine ran  11 miles.  We started in Sylvan Park, ran to Belle Meade, ran the Boulevard, ran the Richland Greenway & then back to Sylvan Park.  Ya'll, it was far.  My knee was a little weird at first & I was afraid I was going to have to stop, but it ended up being fine.  I feel like I ran this one a lot slower than I usually do, but whatever.  I also experienced something new this time:  my legs & my brain not communicating with each other.  It's hard to explain, but at the last 2-ish miles, my legs had a hard time remembering what to do & I had will myself to keep going.  Jaime said it's really common around 11-13 miles & that I'll probably experience the same thing on race day.  Whatevs, I finished & then I ate the heck out of some migas at Local Taco.

Next week we're going to run the 5.8 in Percy Warner & then the next Saturday is the race.  Almost there!

Post-run, I made some potato cheese soup & drove it over to Jessica & Brian in East Nashville.  Speaking of, if any of you would like to sign up to bring them food, please let me know.  I need more people to volunteer.  Email me & I'll forward you the sign up sheet.  Thanks!

Last night I tried to watch The Oscars, but feel asleep pretty early on.  Whatever, I watched all of the red carpet coverage & that's all I really care about anyway.  Who were your favorites?  I think mine were Gwyneth (obvi), Michelle Williams, & Rooney Mara.  I also really liked Viola Davis & Cameron Diaz.  I hated Jennifer Lopez (go away!) & Melissa McCarthy.  I'm on the fence about Emma Stone & Jessica Chastain.  I normally LOVE Alexander McQueen, but for some reason, I didn't love Jessica's look last night.  What did ya'll think?


abpaulson said...

gah, will you PLEASE invite us when you hang out with the childreys?

Delaney Mae said...

I agree entirely about the Portlandia show. I think it just wasn't a good format for their type of entertainment/humor. I could have just listened to them chat all night; I loved the part where they asked the dude about Nashville (and their reactions to the lack of public transport). And the childhood photos were the other major highlight. Otherwise it was a mess, and the Q&A was the low point. People are so dumb! Austin suggested that if it had just been them, more in an Inside the Actors Studio chatty format, and we'd been seated, like at TPAC, it would have been a vast improvement.

Also, I thought Emma Stone looked STUNNING. Her little bit on stage with Ben Stiller was super cute, too. LOVE her.

The Blonde Mule said...

Alexis: We hate you, no! Just kidding. Yes, we'll invite you next time, although Nicole just left on tour, so it'll be awhile.

The Blonde Mule said...

Delaney: I'm go glad to hear this! I'm always worried I've gotten too old & crotchety to enjoy social activities anymore. And Austin is dead-on about had we been seated & in an auditorium. Totally!

Yes, LOVED Emma Stone's bit with Ben Stiller. I heart her.

Sarah said...

I wasn't able to make the Portlandia show, but my friends who went told me the exact same thing about the Q&A, the cover songs, and talking to the guy from Nashville. They weren't big fans and were disappointed. For what they paid for the ticket, they felt it was a bit overpriced.

The Blonde Mule said...

Sarah: thanks, the more people I hear this from, the better I feel.


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