February 6, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: Sans Photos Edition

Whoops!  I totally forgot to take pictures this weekend.  Try to make it through the week without knowing what color I painted my nails, how far I ran & what I ate immediately after.


I met some friends at Chago's after work, ate too much cheese dip (in all fairness, they serve it in a TROUGH) & then came home, where I probably ate a Klondike Bar & fell asleep on the couch.  Baller, I know.


I woke up Saturday morning to a torrential downpour, which wouldn't have mattered so much if I hadn't been registered to run a 5K.  After a lot of back & forth, Claudia & I decided to go ahead & run it & if it started raining too hard, we'd just run to our cars & drive to brunch.  It did rain on us the entire race, but the course went nowhere near where we parked, so we finished.

Saturday night, John & I introduced our friend Aaron to Woodlands Indian Vegetarian Cuisine.  Aaron loved it, we ordered half the menu, ate ourselves sick, but then....  We get home & receive a text from Aaron saying that he's about to drive himself to the hospital because he's having a severe allergic reaction.  Aaron is allergic to tree nuts, which were apparently in EVERYTHING we ate.  Sorry...


I got up early on Sunday & met Jaime at Percy Warner.  We're ahead of our training schedule & Cara was sick, so we decided to just do the 5.8 trail run.  This is only the second time I've run this course & I somehow forgot that's it ALL UPHILL.  Oy.

So apparently there was a game on last night?  I don't know, I just saw something on Facebook.  John & I are assuredly the least non-sports people you know.  We stayed home & ate steak, which is what happens when I let John go to the grocery store....  I did manage to tune in for the halftime show though.  Team Madge!


Sarah said...

I totally agree about the trough of cheese dip at Chagos. I saw you as you were finishing up on Sunday. Way to go on the 5.8. I kind of ok that I will miss the next 2 Sundays while everyone else is running it!

Mom said...

Really, you have ruined my wk by not letting me know what color polish you chose. Don't cha know that I live vicariously thru you!

The Blonde Mule said...

Sarah: I wish I had seen you on Sunday! We're missing the rest of the Sun EN runs, too. We're doing Bongo to Bongo this weekend, 11 the next, then we start tapering. But I'll still be at the Wed night runs. Holla!

The Blonde Mule said...

Mom: hahaha! Well, just to put your mind at ease, my nails are painted in Essie Playa del Platinum.


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