March 5, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: How Soon Is Now Edition

My new fav color:  Essie Clambake.  The perfect orange-red.

Storm day.

Hail car.

Hail hair.

Oh, hail to the no.

The Fake Smiths.

John as Fake Johnny Marr.

Jeff as Fake Morrissey.

Post-run birthday brunch with Jaime.

More photos, videos, & info available on Flickr, YouTube, & Instagram.


Friday was nuts from sun up to sun down.  I got up at 5am, drove to the gym to swim, got IN THE POOL, then the lifeguard blew the whistle & closed the pool because of lightning.  So I drove back home, marking the first of two times that day that I would drive into the mouth of madness.  The second time was around 4pm, when the storms that devastated surrounding states blew through Nashville.  I was on Music Row getting lady-scaped, when the tornado sirens went off.  We turned on the radio & learned that the worst of the storm was about to hit the part of town I live in.  So instead of staying where I was & riding it out, I decided to drive home.  I didn't make it.  I drove right into the worst of it. I made it off the interstate, but couldn't get anywhere to pull over.  It was hailing & my car was rocking back & forth from the wind.  I think it's the most scared I've been in my adult life.

I finally got to a Walgreens.  The door was already locked, so I had to pound on the door, meanwhile I'm barely able to stand, the wind is so strong, not to mention the hail, the INSANE hail.  A Metro Cop lets me in & runs me to the back of the store where everyone is crouched in the storeroom.  It was nuts! People were crying, babies were screaming.  A part of the roof blew up or off & some hail got in.  It was pandemonium.  I felt so stupid, but I just stood in that Walgreens storeroom, surrounded by strangers, crying.  And then it was over & I drove home.  And took pictures of my hail hair.  DUMB!

Rejuvenated from having having survived the day, I went to Mercy Lounge to watch The Fake Smiths, a Smiths tribute band that my husband played with.  The show was awesome!  I took a million videos & posted them on YouTube.  Good times.


John has been really busy lately with work & Fake Smiths practice, so we spent Saturday catching up on a bunch of house-related errands.

Saturday night, we met Katie & Rollum for dinner in Cool Springs, then trekked over to the mall, for what reason, I don't know.  I guess we thought we were teenagers again?


Yesterday was Jaime's birthday, so we ran a "short" 5 miles, then treated ourselves to brunch at Le Peep, where we feasted on stuffed french toast, Belgian waffles, & bacon.  Yum!

I finally got to meet Baby Ben yesterday.  My friend Jessica had her baby two weeks ago & he is so cute!  Congrats, Wilsons!

And now without further ado, "How Soon Is Now" performed by The Fake Smiths.  It's 7 minutes of shirtless awesomeness.  Enjoy!


Mom said...! Need I say more about outrunning tornadoes.....We spent your first birthday & almost every yr after that in the cellar. Ah, Tennessee has softened your memories....

The Blonde Mule said...

I know!!

Kate (McAnally) Andrews said...

Do you hear that? That sound is me laughing my butt off! You are too funny! And the comment from your mom(?) made it ten times funnier!!!!! Next time we have a tornado, I am coming to find you to have fun!!

The Blonde Mule said...

Ha, thanks Kate!


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