April 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: Asheville Edition

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We drove to Asheville for our friend Heathen's wedding.  Once there, we met our friends Mike & Amanda for dinner.  I looked on Yelp for high rated restaurants close to our hotel & we went with a place called Papas and Beers.  It's California style Mexican.  We really liked it & apparently we're getting one in Nashville, though I don't know when or where.


Per everyone in the world's recommendation, we went to Tupelo Honey Cafe for brunch & it was amazing.  I ordered the fried egg BLT with goat cheese grits.  Delish!  While Mike & John went off to help get ready for the wedding, Amanda & I drove to downtown Asheville to see the sites.  We sat at Lexington Ave Brewery for a long time people watching.  We explored downtown a little while longer, then headed back for the wedding.

The wedding was outside at The North Carolina Arboretum.  The weather was gorgeous for an outdoor wedding.  We had a lot of fun.  All of John's old college friends were there, so he had a blast.  Plus, there was a photo booth.  You can never go wrong with a photo booth.


Pretty useless day.  Lots of laying around & doing nothing.  I did watch the movie 50/50, which was better than I expected.


Misty said...

Asheville is my all-time most favorite place ever! I'm packing my shit and relocating when I graduate (again).

The Blonde Mule said...

That's what everyone says! All of my friends are apparently planning to move there at some point in their lives.


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