April 9, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: Three Day Easter Weekend Edition

Who would shoot this furry, little dog?!

Post-race latte.

Peanut butter dipped chocolate cone.  Believe it.

Easter egg hunt:  Jessica, 3 years old.

Double trouble.  My mom with Hannah & Hailey, 2 years old.

More pics & info available on Flickr & Instagram.


Friday was my first day off since Christmas.  In news that should shock no one, I spent the whole day shopping.  We're going to a wedding this weekend & I needed a dress.  What?  I needed one!

That afternoon I took Linda for her yearly vet appointment where I learned a few things, namely that Linda is full of buckshot.  Translation:  someone shot our dog.  A lot.  Who shoots dogs?!  People in Pegram, that's who.

That night we met Mike & Amanda for dinner & then John & Mike practiced their musical parts for the wedding this weekend.


I got up early on Saturday & ran the Richland Creek Run.  It's a 5 mile race that I ran last year, as well. They changed the course this year & it was a lot better.  It was gorgeous running weather & I found a fellow East Nasty to run with.  It was my first non-sucky run since the half marathon.  Maybe I'm back?

Post-race, I met MK for brunch, then ran a bunch of errands, including the very important errand of eating ice cream.  Whatever, I ran 5 miles & didn't eat lunch.  It balances out.  For dinner, we met Jeff & Ashlee for Mexican where Ashlee echoed my suspicions that I have the early stages of plantar fascitis.  It's always something....


We went to my parents' house for Easter.  My mom made a huge meal & my nieces did an Easter egg hunt.  After they found all the eggs, Abigail, the oldest of the four, ordered all the adults inside, except me, while she re-hid all the eggs.  It was hilarious.  She took all this time hiding them, while unbeknownst to her, Jessica, the three year old, was going around behind her & picking them all up.  Bless them.

Here's a short video of the youngest three going down the slide with running irrelevant commentary from my entire family about exciting topics like how long mosquito spray lasts & what time the pharmacy closes.  Enjoy.


Renee said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share where you got that tasty looking frozen treat! I love PB and LOVE dipped cones. Also this blog I follow : http://mybizzykitchen.com/2012/04/07/parmesan-pizza-crust-and-weekly-wi/ recently posted about her foot problem and a helpful thing.

The Blonde Mule said...

Renee: it's from Bobby's Dairy Dip on Charlotte Pike, on the back side of Sylvan Park. They change the dipped cone flavors daily, but they're all good. The coconut dipped cone is my favorite, but this peanut butter one is a close second. I think they have a Facebook page.


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