August 26, 2012

A Conversation Between Sisters

April:  I'm so glad you're going to Florida with us!

Kimberly:  Yeah, I'm excited.  It'll be fun.

April:  We haven't been on a trip together since the Florida trip when I was in 7th grade!  :)  I promise I won't freak out this time when I get real shrimp & make y'all take me to McDonald's!  LOL!

Kimberly:  Oh yeah.  I remember that.

April:  We're going to do a family picture on the beach, so you need to bring khakis & a white button-down shirt.

Kimberly:  But I don't own khakis or a white-button down shirt.

April:  What do you mean, you don't own khakis or a white-button down shirt?

Kimberly:  I don't dress like that.

April:  Well, I'm sure someone you know owns khakis; you can borrow a pair.

Kimberly:  No one I know owns khakis.

April:  ....

Kimberly:  I don't need to be in the picture anyway.

April:  Yes, you do!  It's a FAMILY PICTURE!  And you know Dad will make you be in it anyway.

Kimberly:  Bleh.

April:  Just do it.

Kimberly:  We'll see.


Jessica Wilson said...

OH god- we have a family photo similar to the one in your blog post where we are all sitting outside the hermitage wearing blue jeans and denim shirts. I think I was in 9th grade. I still cringe when I see that photo, haha.

The Blonde Mule said...

Jessica: I'm going to need to see that photo. ASAP.


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