August 16, 2012

Training For A Triathlon - OMG, SO MUCH Gear!!! $$$

One of the biggest reasons I decided to do my first triathlon is that the registration fee was only $60. A cheap sport, I thought. Done! Sign me up! The realization that this race would cost me a lot more than $60 was immediate. As soon as I registered, I had to purchase one-day triathlon insurance for $12. And so it begins...

Below is a list of all the gear I needed for my first triathlon. I had to buy a lot more than I expected, but I was also able to borrow a lot. If you have friends you can borrow from, do that. Try not to buy more than you have to for your first triathlon. Wait and make sure this is a sport you want to keep doing. There are a lot of people with really fancy, expensive bikes, tri kits and wetsuits that have only done one triathlon. Don't be that person. 

Okay, here is what you need for your first triathlon.

swim cap - already owned
*goggles - $17
beach towel - already owned
swimsuit and/or tri kit - practiced in old swimsuit, racing in tank and shorts

bike - borrowed
helmet - borrowed
water bottle - already owned
sunglasses - already owned
shoes - don't clip in, wearing running shoes
tri shorts - borrowed
*bike rack - $50
*bike lock - $28
*Chamois Butt'r - $17

*socks - $20
*shoes - $120
race number belt - borrowed
*Sweaty Band - $20
Garmin - already owned

*purchased for this race

As you can see, this is a lot of gear. I am lucky in that I am surrounded by friends who have competed in triathlons before. Because of this, I'm borrowing two of the most important things: tri shorts and a bike. If I keep on with this, I'll have to buy my own bike, but for now, my husband's old mountain bike from college works. Barely...

I'd say all in all, registration included, I've spent around $350 on this race. And that's just gear, that's not including the one million dollars I've spent on coffee and gourmet sausage biscuits after training runs and rides. I was also able to swim via my YMCA membership. Some people have to pay to swim at a pool, or with a Masters group.

The race is this weekend. I am now officially in taper mode. I'm not working out today or tomorrow, and I'm sleeping in... until 6:00am. I take my bike and pick up my race packet tomorrow night and then I race at 7:00am Saturday. May the force be with me!

P.S. I went on to complete a Half Ironman. Read about the 20-week training plan I followed.

P.P.S. Read more about my triathlon and Half Ironman experience here.

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