May 10, 2013

Tiffany's Baby Shower Wrap Up

Last weekend, Lauren & I hosted a baby shower for our friend Tiffany.  This was my second time hosting a baby shower.  I hosted my first one for my friend Jessica last year, & I'm happy to report that this time I did not send anyone into labor.  Also, this time I had a co-host.  Hosting with someone else is definitely the way to go.

Lauren & I started by creating a secret board on Pinterest (we've since made it a public board).  Tiff made deciding on what to eat easy.  She's been pinning all these crazy pregnancy foods, so we just re-pinned them to our secret board.  When it was time to decide on the menu for the shower, most of our choices were foods she had pinned.

Similar to what I did for Jessica, I got Tiffany's baby shower invite on Etsy.  I'm a huge fan of this process.  You pick out a design, email the designer the text, take the file to Kinko's & then grab some cute envelopes at Paper Source.  It's so easy!  And way cheaper than traditional invitations.  I used this invite from Splash Of Silver.  Highly recommend her!

Photo credit:  Jenn

A few months back, my friend Jenn posted a pic of a baby shower her sister-in-law hosted & I fell in love with the layout & decor.  So I decided to make a banner for Tiff's shower.  To know me is to know that I am utterly incapable of making crafts.  But I had a roll of Kraft paper & John had twine, so I was halfway there & I figured it can't be that hard.  Can it?

It should surprise no one that it took me two weeks to make this banner.  It's really hard to be un-crafty in a house where the only other occupant is an Eagle Scout.  John had to precisely measure everything & cut it out with an x-acto knife.  Then I messed up the letters because I traced them onto the pink scrapbook paper backwards.  But it turned out okay, especially since you were looking at it from afar.

Back to food.  Here is what we served (recipes hyperlinked):

Egg casserole
Cinnamon roll cupcakes
Cucumber slices with herbed cream cheese
Fruit kebabs
Hashbrown casserole
Mini ham & biscuits
Coffee, OJ, water & mimosas with Trader Joe's Italian Blood Orange Soda

Our baby shower was a brunch (11am - 1pm), so we decided on donuts in lieu of a cake.  Lauren went to her favorite bakery in Murfreesboro, Julia's HomeStyle Bakery, & ordered these donuts with white & pink glaze.  They were the best donuts I've ever had.  I probably ate 5 of them.  And by 5, I mean 10.

We didn't have to buy flowers because Lauren is a master gardener & just picked things from her yard. She also had delicious smelling candles burning all over her house.  Lauren is a natural hostess & has the perfect house for entertaining.

Tiff & Chris,

It was so great to see you!  Thank you for letting us do this for you.  We love you & can't wait to meet Baby Girl Kurtz!

Kim & Lauren

Full photostream here.

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