June 3, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: David Sedaris Edition

David Sedaris is one of my favorite authors & he did a speaking/book signing event at Parnassus Books on Friday night.  I've since learned that none of my friends knew about this event, so take a minute & head over to Parnassus' site & sign up to receive their email updates.  Their events are small & usually fill up fast, but being on their email list ensures you find out first.

This was actually my first Parnassus event & it was totally awesome.  I RSVP-ed late, so I sat outside as opposed to being in-store, but it was fine.  I brought a chair & they provided everything else, including free catering from Chinatown, Donut Den & Harvest Breads.  Oh, & a photobooth.  I had a lot of fun.  David read a chapter from his new book, read a couple hilarious dog poems & then read about 15-20 minutes of diary entries from his own diaries.  A lot of the entries were written recently after his other book signing events, so it was funny & mildly uncomfortable to know that he would go to his hotel room & write about what some of us said &/or wore.  He's amazing & I'm so glad he keeps coming back to Nashville.

This was a weird weekend in that I didn't have a lot to do.  Because of scheduling & weather, I didn't have any work-outs lined up, which usually take up the majority of my weekend.  In addition, John was out of the house all day Saturday, so Linda & I sat downstairs & read the first half of my new David Sedaris book.  What?  Linda can totally read.

I took a break from reading & watching Freaks & Geeks on Netflix to get the mail & found my birthday Birchbox had arrived.  I'll explain.  I received two Birchbox gift cards as birthday presents (thanks, April & Claudia!), so I ordered a bunch of stuff I typically wouldn't have bought for myself.  You know, like $18 body wash that will be gone in two weeks.

John's friend Michael is leaving us for NYC this week & Saturday was his going-away party.  For what was actually kind of a sad event, the party was the most fun we've had in a long time, venturing on ever.  Everyone in the world we know was there, plus there was tons of really good food.  And by food, I mean cupcakes, of which I had 1,000.  Oh, & John wore is bolo tie.  I just felt like that needed to be pointed out.  If you look carefully, his shirt is pointing at it.

After Michael's party, we went to see our friends, Dead Confederate, play at The High Watt.  Let the record show that not only did I got to a party & a rock show, I did them on the same night & didn't get home until almost 2am.  Who am I?!

Needless to say, yesterday was kind of a throw-away day.  I slept until 9am, which is the latest I've slept since my twenties, then woke John up to take me to ML Rose for a heaping basket of ranchero fries.  I think the only other thing I did yesterday was lay on the couch digesting cheese & watching more *Freaks & Geeks.

*I keep getting pulled into conversations involving Freaks & Geeks lately & not remembering any of the references.  Turns out, I never watched Freaks & Geeks.  I don't what I think I watched, but it wasn't it.  So this weekend, I dug in & watched the first 6 of the 18 episodes.  It may be the best show I've ever (never?) watched.


Freya said...

Freaks and Geeks is so incredible. I have re watched the entire thing three times now. And you just made me want to again...

The Blonde Mule said...

Freya - real talk.


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