September 28, 2013

Fall Shopping!

So I went shopping.  A) I was in DC.  B) Hardly anything I own fits my body.  C) I was breathing.  I flew into Reagan & my friend Christina picked me up & took me to her Virginia hood.  She took me into this cute little shop called Current Boutique.  It's half new stuff, half consignment.  I found the two things in the pic above:  Madewell pleated skirt & Zara blazer.  I wanted that Madewell skirt so bad last year.  The Madewell price tag was still on it.  It was $138 at Madewell.  I paid $44.99.  Same with the Zara jacket.  I was actually going to buy that jacket at Zara for $119, but thanks to this awesome store, I only paid $25.99.  I told Christina, Virginia IS for lovers!  Lovers of bargains!

I am nothing if not organized.  I was worried I'd go off the rails & accidentally buy $200 worth of t-shirts & tank tops (because that's what I do), so I made a list to keep myself on track.  I had two hours before my flight to power shop & power shop I did.  (Power shopping:  my first endurance sport.)

First, I went to Zara to buy a black blazer & try on motorcycle jackets.  Their motorcycle jacket is really nice & I had decided I'd pay $119 for it, but they only had smalls & extra-smalls.  And they have the misfortune of being located directly next door to H&M.

Oh, H&M, I take back every mean thing I've said about you since you opened a store at Opry Mills.  H&M not only had motorcycle jackets, they had them in my size & they had them for $49.95.  Sold!

Note:  The Zara jacket is 1,000 times better than the H&M jacket, but I got excited & realized that if I bought the cheaper jacket, I could go to Madewell & buy more stuff.  If you're in the market for one of these jackets & can swing it, buy the Zara jacket.  There's also a good vegan one on Piperlime for $98.  Check ASOS, too.

Okay, in hindsight I kind of did spend $100 on sweaters I didn't need.  Well, not really $100, they were $14 a piece, but still.  But yay, motorcycle jacket!  And not for nothing, but I'm getting a lot of wear out of those necklaces.

The only Madewell in DC is in Georgetown, which is purposefully hard to get to unless you're either already in Georgetown, or you own a personal teleportation device.  I literally had an hour to get to Georgetown, shop & get back to my Capitol Hill hotel.  Life is so hard sometimes, y'all.

Almost everything in Madewell was on sale for either 20 or 30% off.  I got that striped shirt for $27.99, the belt for $33.60 & the dress for $55.99.  The scarf I paid full price for because I wanted it & I was completely euphoric at that point & no longer capable of rational thought or math.

Last, but not least, here are some of my recent Pins.  Pleated skirt?  Check.  Motorcycle jacket?  Check.  Blanket-scarf?  Check!  Now I just need the temperature to drop a little so I can start wearing this stuff.  Come on, fall!

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