July 6, 2014

Half Ironman 70.3 Training: Week 8

I talked to a lot of people this week about training & realized the training plan I have been following is "intermediate" & a tad too advanced for me. But the "beginner" plan is too beginner. I'm basically the Goldilocks of free online training plans. So I'm making my own. I'm calling it, "Advanced Beginner".

Here's what my training looked like this week:


70 minute NAC Masters swim
1,000m OWS (open water swim)


90 minute bike class at Red Kite
10 minute brick

60 minute bike ride (12.19 miles)
Avg mph:  12.0

2:39 hour bike ride (37.96 miles)
Avg mph:  14.3
3 mile brick (34:44 minutes)


4.29 mile run (51:31 minutes)
3.17 mile run (36:37 minutes)
6.30 mile run (1:17 hour)

I also did a 45 minute core/strength class.

My bike ride on Saturday is the farthest I've ever ridden (37.96 miles). I rode with Mary Katherine on Natchez Trace. We rode out for 1:15, turned around & rode back for 1:15 (+ 9 minutes). I'm having some shifting issues, mostly that I don't know how to do it, but MK helped me & I got better. I did kind of bonk yesterday. I hit a wall around mile 30 & struggled to keep my speed up those last 8 miles. I only took 2 Huma gels & I needed a third. One day I'll get this nutrition right. One day. How I ran 3 miles after that ride is anyone's guess.

Next week we're scheduled to ride for 2:45. My plan is to wear a necklace of Huma gels with little Capri Sun straws poking out of them.

P.S. If someone can make me that necklace, that would be really great.

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Emma said...

Go Kim Go! It's july and you're already doing some long distances-- you're going to own this race. Or, at the very least-- you're going to finish it-- and I can't wait! Feel free to stay in ATL on Sunday night for dinner and relaxation!


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