September 7, 2014

Half Ironman 70.3 Training: Week 17

This week felt like the beginning of the end of high school. I've definitely got senioritis. Also, y'all, my body is so tired. My appetite (for destruction) is out of control. I'm trying real hard not to eat like a maniac, since I'd like to keep this shape after my race. My weekend eating is getting a little ridiculous, but I'm doing good the other 5-6 days. I'm just trying not to start any bad habits I can't break in 3 weeks.

Here's what my training looked like:


60 minute NAC Masters swim
60 minute OWS


3:20 hour bike ride (27.60 miles)
Avg mph:  8.2

1:54 hour bike ride (22.11 miles)
Avg mph:  11.6
1.22 mile brick (14:04 minutes)

3:43 hour bike ride (50.05 miles)
Avg mph:  13.5
2.35 mile brick (29:40 minutes)

Bike total:  99.76 miles (!!)


5.07 mile run (1:05 hours)
6 mile run (1:16 hours)

Run total (including bricks):  14.64 miles

Total training:  15.5 hours (including yoga)

So on Saturday, I rode my bike to Smyrna. Granted, I started in Brentwood, but still. I rode my bike to Smyrna! That blows my mind. We rode a little over 51 miles. I turned my watch off for a train to pass & forgot to turn it back on, so my data is off.

It wasn't a great ride for me. I couldn't keep up & spent the majority of the 4-hour ride beating myself up. I also ran out of hydration. My bike only has two cages, so I brought cash & told everyone I'd need to stop. But... turns out, Smyrna was the only place to buy water & I didn't need it then. So I ran out. For the last 30-45 minutes of the ride, I was actually hallucinating that I was drinking water. Y'ALL.

It was a hard ride & I was doing my best, but I just couldn't keep up. I've come a long way on the bike, but I'm still slower than everyone I ride with. I felt a little better later on when I saw that at the time we were riding, it was 100% humidity. Surely that played a part in slowing me down. Surely. Also, hallucinations.

I've luckily met & be-friended two women also doing Augusta. We got together this morning to open water swim. I had an off-day today, too. This weekend was clearly a test. I think I just didn't pull my wetsuit over my shoulders tightly enough. Mid-swim, my right shoulder hurt so bad, I had to stop swimming. I got out & adjusted my wetsuit & was able to swim mostly pain-free, but it's real sore now. Great.

Are we there yet?

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