August 19, 2016

Friday Links

Reading This Week...

A man wrote to a famous comedian and asked her why she gained weight. Her response. Caitlin Moran putting Bridget Jones haters in their place. Does a woman running in a sports bra deserve to be cat-called? Spoiler alert: no. Have you ever asked your friend who does social media to meet you for coffee so you can pick her brain? Quit. More women compete on primetime TV at the Olympics than any other point in the year. Help Baton Rouge.

This Week's Dream Dinner Party...

Larry Wilmore
Lindy West
Julia Child
Gabi Fresh

Gif of the Week...

A video posted by Morgan Freed (@partywizard) on


I finally finished Season One of Jane the Virgin and have started Season Two. I keep going back and forth on who my favorite character is. I think it's Rogelio. John and I are watching Stranger Things together, so we're only on Episode 5, but holy crap this show! I'm still watching the Olympics, although primarily via Leslie Jones' Snapchat.


Shrill: Notes From A Loud Woman
Mastering The Art Of Southern Cooking
This Is The Story Of A Happy Marriage

Thrift of the Week...

This is 2XL dental hygienist scrub that I got for $1.29. I'm just going to need you to trust me when I tell you that I can pull it off.

I Endorse...

TAYHAM greeting cards
This t-shirt

See you next Friday!

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