September 14, 2016

Thrifting List for Fall

After reading the September issues, I made a "To Thrift" list. There are a lot of trends for fall that I'm interested in.

Formation jackets
robes and kimonos
animal print

And I see a lot of this stuff at the thrift stores. I'm confident I can pull off thrifted versions of most, if not all, of these trends. The real trick will be finding reasons to get dressed and leave the house as I work from home and rarely change out of my pajamas.

Thrifting List for Fall:

1) denim jacket
2) cute clutch or interesting purse
3) military blazer
4) animal print
5) silver shoes
6) silk scarves and bandanas
7) fun, ironic t-shirts
8) silk robe / kimono

First up, the coveted, thrifted denim jacket. I can't believe I found one. It was at Southern Thrift on Charlotte Ave buried amongst the ladies blazers. The jean jacket of my dreams would be boxier and faded, but this one works. Plus, thrifted denim jackets are really hard to find. There's a follow up post coming on patches and enamel pins, but rest assured, I've bought all of them.

I still carry my beloved Cambridge Satchel, but a lot of times if I'm going out at night, or on the weekends, I want something funny and/or weird to carry. I'm seeing a lot of basket, or woven, style bags on Pinterest. I haven't come across any yet while thrifting, but my eyes are peeled.

Military jacket, Formation jacket - tomato, tomahto. I own the two jackets on the left, both thrifted. The two on the right are from the September issue of Vogue. In the past, I've seen these jackets styled with jeans and a button-down, but I may try pairing them with black pants this year. You know, or a black leotard.


Oy, animal print. I hilariously own a caftan that looks exactly like the one in the picture on the left. It's enormous, but maybe I can make it work. The dress I'm trying on (top right) was Faded Glory and had a corset v-neck that I just couldn't get on board with. The caftan in the bottom was awesome, but it was a pull-over. If it had zipped all the way open, I would have bought it.

As I get older, I realize there are trends I've never let go of. Metallics is one of them. I've been wearing metallic shoes for well over a decade. I thrifted the silver booties in the bottom right picture. Similar to this Who What Wear picture, I've been wearing them with frayed-hem jeans. I don't look quite as pulled together as this fancy lady does, but I'm an overachiever, so I'll figure it out.

I own a million silk scarves and bandanas, but every time I wear them, I think, 'I am not cool enough to pull this off'. In related news, I'm on the lookout for a stylish grey sweatshirt.

I don't have a lot of patience for thrifted t-shirts, but I strike gold every time I make myself sort through them. My general idea is to wear them with a bandana around my neck and under a jacket of some sort. The top right picture is mine. That horse t-shirt says, "Special Riders of Sumner County," which I'm not 100% sure I can wear, but the jacket will cover up the words, so... Maybe?

I saved the best for last:  silk robes and kimonos! OMG, so many style inspiration pics. I'm so into all of this. That pink kimono over a green hoodie? Yes, please!

These are the two robes/kimonos I've thrifted so far. Do I need more than two? Probably not. I haven't worn them yet because it's still hot as blazes, but the minute I can pull off a multi-layer outfit and not spontaneously combust, I'm wearing these.

P.S. Shopping tips for creating a street style look on a budget!

P.P.S. I found most of these items during my summer of thrifting.

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