February 3, 2017

Friday Links


The full text of Roxane Gay's keynote speech at the American Booksellers Association Winter Institute.

I loooooved this Friend at First Sight article in Lenny Letter about friends who meet, fall in friend-love, and then discover they live in different countries.

Kim France:  Don't Tell Me to Dress My Age:
"Knowing what looks good on you is very nearly impossible when you’re young and obsessed with hitting all the trends. A woman with a sample-size body can always look good, but I like to see a woman who’s worked with what she’s got to produce a compelling solution."
I've been a reader of Will's blog Bright Bazaar for years, and I'm glad that he weighed in on how he, and other "influencers", should stand up for what's right at the risk of *jeopardizing their brand: Fighting For What's Right Is Worth It.

*Sidebar -- throw some extra likes to the local, independent businesses you follow on Instagram because a lot of them are losing followers for things like being at the Women's March, or "liking" feminist posts.

Five Ways To Help Refugees In Nashville


I finally watched The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. Holy crap! If you haven't watched it yet, believe the hype - it is amazing. And it's streaming on Netflix.

Because no one loves me, I had to find out on my own about The New York Times podcast Still Processing MONTHS after it started. This podcast is hosted by Jenna Wortham (shero) and Wesley Morris. I'm in love.


A memoir by Kim France coming in fall of 2019
An arena full of children singing They Might Be Giants
Emily McDowell's new canvas pouches: Yoga Ladies and Beach Ladies



Fake news has been targeting women's reproductive rights for years -- Rebecca Traister

All international laws Trump's Muslim ban is breaking -- Jamil Dakwar


Support Immigrant-Owned Restaurants
Jan 28 - Feb 10
Nashville, TN

Wedgewood/Houston Art Crawl
Sat, Feb 4, 6pm
Nashville - Hagan Street

First Saturday Art Crawl
Sat, Feb 4, 6pm
Downtown Nashville

MESA Festival & Syrian Refugee Fundraiser
Sat, Feb 4, 6pm
Vanderbilt University Student Life Center

Welcome Home! Fuad & Family Arrive at BNA
Sun, Feb 5, 7:45-8:30pm
Nashville International Airport

We Are Watching Rally
Mon, Feb 6, 3pm
TN State Capitol

Metro Council Meeting
Tues, Feb 7, 6:30pm
Metro Courthouse, One Public Square (can livestream online)

Conexion Americas: Valentine Open House
Fri, Feb 10, 8:30am-7pm
Casa Azafran

Aminals - New Sculptures by Brett Hunter
Fri, Feb 10, 6-9pm
Elephant Gallery, 1411 Buchanan St, Nashville

A Night Of: YK Records
Fri, Feb 10, 7pm-1am
Mercy Lounge

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