June 23, 2017

Friday Links


This week's must-read, and this month's Harper's cover story: Zadie Smith on Who Owns Black Pain.

Vulture did a deep-dive on Danielle Brooks, who plays Tastee Jefferson in OITNB. There's spoilers, but this is a great article, and the pictures are fire emoji, fire emoji, fire emoji.

They say to write the book that's in you. Well, the book that's in me is how RuPaul's Drag Race got me through 2016. Turns out, I'm not alone.

I've never watched The Bachelorette, but I watched VH1's I Love New York, and this article on Tiffany "New York" Pollard is so good.

My shero, Ann Patchett.



The only TV I care about this week is RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 finale tonight. I'm debating going to Tribe to watch it with friends. TBD.

These my podcasts:

I'm reading Hunger and have a ticket to see her speak in a few weeks, so I'm riding hard for Roxane Gay right now. She's doing a lot of press, but this Fresh Air interview is more poignant than other interviews I've heard.

If you care about the healthcare fight in Congress right now, this is a good episode to listen to. This podcasts is too long (and too frequent) in my opinion (I can't give you two hours twice a week), so feel free to skip ahead to the healthcare/Sen. Schumer part.

I can't wait to start watching GLOW on Netflix. I actually think it releases today. Anyway, GLOW stars Marc Maron, Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin - thus this podcast.


I bought this tiger print for $8, which is actually the most I've paid for a piece of thrift store art. I haven't hung it yet, but I do have it propped up in my office against some bookshelves and it looks good. I may leave it there.


Handpainted boob mountains by my bitch, Caryn.
Flamingo koozies.
Fancy wrapping paper (in East Nashville).

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