January 16, 2008

1st Day of Class

Tonight was my first class. It was interesting... It wasn't really a class, but more of a going over of the syllabus. My one class requires 4, yes 4, textbooks. The instructor told us it would be around $225 total for all 4 books in the campus bookstore. I got all 4 on half.com for $46. Total. So screw you campus bookstore.

Back to my class. I think it's going to be good. Almost everyone in there is a state employee so we're all pretty familiar with the general ins & outs of government. Our instructor opened the class by talking about a bill Kurita's carrying to add Civics to middle school curriculum. It was very surreal to actually be on the Senate floor sitting directly behind Kurita at 4pm & an hour later sitting in a class talking about bills she's carrying. If the class stays on this route, I'll definitely have an advantage.

So I just got off the phone with my good friend Roberto in the NYC. It was fun talking to him & filling him in on all the lame Nashville gossip. When Rob lived here, we'd go to lunch (Calypso) pretty regularly & gossip like a pair of old hens. Ahh, how I miss those days....

John's bday is tomorrow. I have plans for tomorrow night, but he doesn't know what they are, so I'm keeping my mouth shut for now. I think we're doing East-side drinks afterwards, so maybe we'll see some of you bitches at the bar. 9:00/10:00-ish? Call me.

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