January 16, 2008

Mule in the City Paper

I read Libby Callaway's column, The Style Arbiter, in the City Paper every Wednesday. Last week, I emailed her in regards to her column about dressing your age. Part of my email made it into her column this week. I'm famous!


In case you can't figure it out, here's the part that's from my email:

A woman a decade her junior — a 31-year-old who works in the state Legislature — weighed in thusly: “I tend to stand out in a sea of pant suits. I often wonder, especially during session, if it’s bad that I look more like the interns rather than the staff. I own my fair share of suits and I certainly wear them, but come Friday, I’m in my skinny jeans with my black boots pulled up over them.

“It’s not that I’m trying to look 22, I just enjoy getting dressed every morning and putting different things together. But I do wonder if at some point I’m going to have to give it up and start ‘dressing my age.’”

God bless you, Libby Callaway. God bless you....

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Emotional Mullet said...

I (heart) The Style Arbiter!


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