January 2, 2008

Turn and Face the Fat

First day back at work. Clearly, I'm busy... So I did the dreaded deed this morning, I weighed myself. Gained 5 lbs. I guess that's pretty normal for Christmas time. It didn't help being on the road all last week & having to eat fast food & truck stop snacks for 6 straight days. Plus I drank about 1,000 beers on New Years Eve, that's easily 3 of the 5 lbs. Whatever!

Speaking of last week, I had, quite possibly, the best Christmas ever this year. I flew out to ABQ last Tues & then John & I drove to Flagstaff on Wed, stopping at all the Route 66 sites along the way. We spent the night in the best hotel EVER in Flagstaff. It's called Little America Hotel. It was decorated for Christmas & it was so pretty. On Wed, we drove around Wupatki Nat'l Park & tromped around old Indian ruins all afternoon. It was actually a lot of fun. On Thurs, we got up & drove to the Grand Canyon. I knew the Grand Canyon would be incredible, but I really underestimated how much so. It was amazing. We stayed there all day, then drove back to ABQ & spent the night. On Fri, we got up & drove to OK, birthplace of moi. We spent Fri & Sat night with my grandparents in Okarche. We went to the OKC bombing memorial, ate the best steak I've ever had & John bought a year's worth of western wear... On Sun, we got up & drove back home, stopping at a few more Route 66 sites & at the Clinton Library in Little Rock. All in all, it was an amazing trip. And I have about 250 pictures documenting it all...

My life/schedule is about to get tres busy. We go back into Session on Monday & I start school in about 2 weeks. So I'll basically be MIA until May/June, depending on how long Session goes this year.

I spent all day yesterday uploading pictures to Flickr, so please enjoy!


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