February 11, 2008

Breast Fest

Back in October, I found a lump in my breast. It turned out to be nothing. Well, not nothing, it's a fibroadema, but it's not cancer. My 3-month follow up was last Friday. Let me just say, if you're ever in a position to need such care, the Center for Breast Health @ St. Thomas is outstanding. Anyway, everything is fine. The lump is still there, minding its own business, not bothering anything. I go back in 6 months & then will go once a year for follow up, which apparently you're supposed to do every year after the age of 35 anyway.

Now if you thought that was too much information, just wait... Since I've lost so much weight, I've been in dire need of new bras. My generous boyfriend offered to buy me some for Valentine's Day. On Saturday, we went to Rebecka Vaughn in Green Hills so I could be fitted properly. I won't scare you with the difference between the size I've been wearing & the size I actually am, but trust me, it's astounding. Long story short, I am now the proud new owner of 3 properly fitting braziers.

I've heard many of my girlfriends say how much they want/need to be properly fitted because they're pretty sure they're in the wrong size. Let me tell you, you probably are. I was afraid Rebecka Vaughn would be "uppity", but it really wasn't. Granted, the bras aren't cheap & there's not a huge selection, but the service is worth the trip. The sales associate who helped me was fantastic. I was worried at first because she was clearly very young, but girlfriend knew her shit. If you go, ask for Sydney. She's awesome.


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Katie said...

glad that your follow up appt. went well. hooray for your happy boobies!


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