March 13, 2008

Class Shmlass

My class presentation went pretty well last night. I was supposed to be 3rd out of 5 presenters, but I ended up having to go 1st. The 2nd presenter was a no-show & the 1st one had to go down to her car to get her presentation. Whatever. I went 1st & it was fine. The presentation is only 10% of my grade. Hopefully I did well enough to compensate for the B I made on my 1st exam....

Those of you who talk to me on a regular basis, know my disdain for this class & the people in it. Well, last night didn't disappoint. There's this girl in my class who sits up front, keeps her head down & never speaks, which is highly irregular for this class. She always wears a hoodie & keeps her hood up, covering most of her face. Every class. Well, she was one of the presenters last night, and you guessed it.... she did her presentation wearing her hood. I wish I was kidding.

Exam # 2 is next Wednesday. I don't have nearly as much reading to do as last time, but I will need to spend the majority of my weekend studying (sorry John).

Speaking of weekends, I leave for NYC next Thursday. I'm so excited! I got a little surprise mid-Session bonus at work yesterday, which is going straight towards H&M -or an afternoon's worth of Harrisons @ Enid's. Either way, it will be well spent.

1 comment:

Panda Parables said...

your classmate sounds like ally sheedy from 'the breakfast club'.


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